Buying Kids Beds

10 Key Considerations for Buying Kids’ Beds

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? Even if you’ve only just bought your little one their first crib — or even if you don’t have a child yet but parenthood is in your future plans — it’s never too early to think about buying kids’ beds. Whether you’re buying bunk beds for little ones or  choosing loft beds for teens, or whether you’re opting for a traditional style bed that will see them all the way through adulthood, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re shopping for kids’ beds. Luckily for you, our guide will make it easy to find the best kids’ beds options for your children.  Read on for the top 10 things to keep in mind when buying kids’ beds. 

1. Give kids room to grow

Many parents are surprised to learn that a child’s single bed is the same size as an adult’s single bed. This is convenient because it means you can buy a regular single mattress and bedding set to suit. It also means that you have an array of options to choose from. Some beds have a more ‘childlike’ look than others, but don’t be afraid to choose a more ‘grown-up’ bed that will see them through the years. And ensure there’s space for teddies, favourite blankets, and everything else kids will want to keep with them while they sleep. 

2. Durability is key

Along with size, quality and durability are the considerations that will determine how many times you need to replace your child’s bed from toddlerhood through the teenage years. You’ll naturally want an option that is safe and supportive for your children’s slumber, so think of the bed as an investment and buy kids’ beds with top quality craftsmanship and materials. Plus, even the most well-behaved kids will inevitably use their bed as a wrestling ring or trampoline at some point, so a bed should be durable enough to handle jumping and roughhousing, not just quiet sleeping. 

3. But don’t forget about style

Kids’ interests change frequently. One day they’re obsessed with space and astronauts; the next it’s oceans and sharks. While it can be tempting to cater to those interests by buying kids’ beds with a theme like a racecar shape or covering it with decals, keep in mind that your child might have a new ‘favourite thing’ within weeks. Instead, opt for a bed that can easily fit into any theme or decor style they might want in the future. 

4. Let your child have a say

That being said, opting for an evergreen bed choice doesn’t mean buying kids’ beds that are bland, or overruling what your child wants most. This is more of a parenting tip than a home decor suggestion, but involving your children in decorating their own space gives them a feeling of independence and also motivates them to take care of their room and keep it looking tidy. There are plenty of options for buying kids’ beds that are versatile and yet still give them a choice that fits their preferences. 

5. Think about the future

When you’re buying a bed for your first child, consider whether you might have more children in the years to come. If it’s likely that your kids will share a bedroom, you may want to go ahead and opt for bunk beds that will be ready to accommodate both your child now, and their future sibling. Many bunk beds can be split into two single beds as well, so you can always tuck one away in storage until it’s needed, or separate them in the future if your kids no longer share a room. 

6. And plan for sleepovers

Whether they’re sharing a room with visiting family members or inviting friends over for a slumber party, your little ones are sure to need some extra sleeping spaces in their rooms at times. If you need to accommodate frequent visitors, buying bunk beds might be a good option to maximize floor space. Alternately, consider a sofa bed that can serve as seating most of the time and then fold out as needed. For occasional use, a cot or folding bed can also be a convenient addition to kids’ rooms.

7. Consider storage and study space

Kids have a lot of stuff, and that doesn’t change as they grow up. From toys, to clothes, to everything they need for hobbies, school, and more, it’s easy for kids’ bedrooms to turn into cluttered caches of all sorts of bits and bobs. Beds with built-in storage options like shelves, underbed compartments, or even drawers can help keep rooms neat and tidy. Or consider buying kids’ beds with built-in desks or study stations to really add organised, multifunctional appeal.

8. Choose the right mattress

Because kids’ beds feature the same key dimensions as beds designed for adults, for the most part you can use any mattress that’s the right size. The exception is when buying bunk beds — the mattress for the top bunk of a bunk bed needs to be low-profile, no deeper than 15 cm, in order to fit properly and provide adequate safety for top bunk sleepers. In terms of firmness, a medium or medium-firm mattress is ideal to support spinal development and to hold up to wear and tear. 

9. Add a mattress protector

Accidents happen, and a good mattress protector can make a huge difference in dealing with them. Whether your kids are still potty training or they decide to drink a glass of juice in bed, it’s inevitable that there will be splashes and spills, but adding a mattress protector to your child’s bedroom setup can save the mattress — a much larger investment than the mattress protector — and be machine washed for easy clean-up. Mattress protectors also add an anti-allergen layer that keeps out mould and dust mites, offering a more comfortable sleep for kids. 

10. Finish with accessories

Once you’ve finished buying kids’ beds and essential elements like the mattress and mattress protector, it’s time to add bedding and all the other details that finish your child’s space and lets them express their personal style. Bedding is a quick and easy way to change the look of a bed, so it’s a good way to keep up with their changing interests, new favourite colours, and so on, without doing a full bedroom revamp. 

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