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Window treatment trends

Curtains and blinds aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you’re focused on furniture, walls, and flooring to refresh a room, but they can really help to set the tone. A window with thick jacquard curtains offers a completely different mood than one with crisp Venetian blinds, and sheer, filmy drapery provides a different vibe again. That’s why today we’re looking at window treatment trends that will help you tie a room together and complete the look of your space in style. 

1 51Playful prints

Monochrome curtains and blinds are a popular option because they are so easy to coordinate with the rest of the room, but bright and bold prints are increasingly becoming a favourite for window treatment trends. Instead of eye-catching wall art, why not opt for vibrantly-printed fabric curtains or blinds that make a statement? From animal prints to classic florals, prints are in. 

If you’re not sure about a bold print dominating your windows and your room, roller blinds are a great way to utilise this trend on a smaller scale. A printed roller blind can be pulled down just part way to display a limited portion of the print, and you can also layer with solid curtains to let the print peek through.

2 40Bold blue

Earth tones and neutrals are always in style, but if you’re looking for window treatment trends with a bit more pizazz, blue might be the colour for you. According to colour theory, blue is the colour of tranquillity, which makes it a perfect frame for your windows when you want to gaze out peacefully at your garden. 

Something we love about colour-related window treatment trends is that they’re so versatile. You can choose any shade of blue that suits your decor, with a lighter hue offering calmness or a rich navy or even teal to evoke strength and add contemporary appeal. Or, try ocean blue for a Mediterranean or coastal-inspired aesthetic. 

3 28Simple style

Maybe bold and bright isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for window treatment trends that offer a more subtle look. As with other elements of home decor, there’s no sign that minimalism is on its way out when it comes to your curtains and blinds. Simple, modern blinds inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian decor aesthetics remain a favourite for those in search of understated style. 

If minimalist window treatment trends are what you’re after, consider curtains and blinds with hidden hardware, flat panels, swag-free tops, and of course neutral hues. Roman blinds are an elegant option, and if you’re looking for a pleated curtain, opt for wave or ripple folds over thicker, grommet-held drapery. 

4 27Sweetly sheer

Natural light is one of the best things you can bring into your home. Not only does it make any room look lovely, but it also offers health benefits in the form of vitamin D. That’s why one of our favourite window treatment trends is to opt for translucent curtains and blinds that will let the sun shine in even when they’re pulled across your windows. Choosing sheer curtains in a soft pastel hue brings a romantic look and feel to your room. 

Of course, you might not want see-through curtains at all hours, which is why another popular window treatment trends option is layering curtains. Pair a translucent layer with heavier blackout curtains that offer light-blocking, noise-filtering, and complete privacy. It’s an ideal duo for getting sun during the day and a good sleep at night. 

5 17Lovely linen

Natural fabrics are beautiful, eco-friendly, and timeless—this isn’t so much an example of window treatment trends as it is of window treatments that are always on trend. Linen curtains offer a light and airy feel for any room, especially when you embrace the natural element and choose full-length curtains that drape gently to the floor. While most linen curtains come in solid, earthy hues, you can also find options with richer tones and even simple prints such as stripes. 

Other natural fabrics also offer popular options for window treatment trends. Cotton curtains and blinds are denser and add depth to a room, or you can even go the other direction with sleek and smooth silk-blend picks. With so many variations, you can make this trend a part of any decorating style. 

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