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Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate


Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate


  • Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate 2.29 y2pack
  • 12mm thickness offers superior durability and resistance to wear
  • 4-way V groove bevel delivers an authentic wood-like appearance
  • AC4 rated for high-traffic residential and light commercial use
  • Great for all rooms, excluding wet-rooms
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • More laminate options available on our Laminate Flooring Page

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Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate: Where Durability Meets Warmth

Welcome the Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate, a flooring solution that packs a punch of durability and a dollop of charm. This isn't just a floor—it's a stage for your life's best moments.

Strength in style

The 12mm thickness of Kolin doesn't just promise robustness—it delivers. Ready to resist wear and tear, it's a foundation you can count on.

Walking on authenticity

With a 4-way V groove bevel, Kolin brings the authentic look and feel of warm oak wood to your feet. Every step is a walk on the authentic side.

Ready for real life with AC4 rating

Thanks to its AC4 abrasion class rating, the Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate is all set for heavy domestic and light commercial use. From parties to work sessions, it's ready for action.

Fits like a charm

Be it your bedroom, living room, or kitchen—Kolin is a flooring fit for all, except wet-rooms.

Heat friendly

Got underfloor heating? No worries. Kolin is more than ready to keep things cozy.

Carefree living

With easy maintenance and cleaning, the Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate lets you focus on living, not cleaning.

The Kolin Fired Oak 12mm Laminate is like a warm hug for your feet, a resilient base for your furniture, and a stylish stage for your life.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 121.5 × 19.6 × 1.2 cm
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