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Storage Pouffes

Pouffes are stylish, practical, and seriously comfortable if you love lounging with your feet up for total living room relaxation. At Corcoran’s, we have storage pouffes, a convenient subcategory of pouffes and footstools that includes products with space inside to keep everyday items within easy reach. Order online right now or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see storage pouffes for yourself.

Storage pouffes explained

While pouffes are generally made to be soft and malleable, some examples have a rigid internal structure, allowing them to double up as a place to store objects that you need close at hand in your living room.

Whether you put spare TV remotes and other domestic clutter inside storage pouffes, or you use them as a place to keep blankets, throws, spare cushions, and whatever else you might have lying around in your living room, this is a great type of furniture for anyone who is pursuing complete neatness or minimalist decor.

Material options & more

A great benefit of storage pouffes is that as well as being a functional addition to your home, they can also look good and fit in with the overall aesthetic you are aiming for with your decor.

From finely made, colourful fabrics to leather upholstered storage pouffes, you have a lot of choices available thanks to the carefully curated range here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets.

Size and shape variety is also a given when you shop with us, so whether you are looking for a smaller pouffe to fit in with a more compact room or a larger equivalent that will not be dwarfed by the rest of your furniture, we have got you covered. With the great build quality and competitive prices, you cannot go wrong with a pouffe from Corcoran’s.

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