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What are 10 Terms that Define Luxury Furniture?

Luxury furniture isn’t just about the brand name. When you are looking for grandeur in your home decor, there are a number of elements you should consider. Luxury furniture is not only stylish but also high-quality and features expert craftsmanship. 

You can find investment-worthy pieces across all categories at Corcoran’s Furniture, and we’ve also gathered a collection of terms to look for that will help you identify luxury for your home. 

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Naturally, when you’re looking for luxury, you don’t want furniture that looks exactly like everything else on the market. Sophisticated, elegant pieces are sure to impress, whether they’re traditional or contemporary in style, with ornate details or clean and simple lines.  


When we say ‘clean’ we don’t mean ‘the opposite of dirty’ (although this should be true of luxury furniture as well!) By clean we mean chic, smooth, and elegant. An ornate luxury piece might have highly-detailed carvings or embellishments, but if you’re looking for minimalist luxury, look for clean, sleek lines and shapes. 

Attention to detail

Luxury furniture isn’t just about the upholstery or the frame; it’s about the entire package. When you’re shopping for quality pieces, look for product descriptions that mention everything from the joinery to the filling of the cushions. 


The best luxury furniture is made by those who take pride in their work. When you’re buying luxury contemporary furniture, look for pieces made by top manufacturers who employ artisans and furniture experts to create the best possible pieces in both style and quality. 


We won’t lie: if you want to buy luxury furniture, you’ll want a healthy home decor budget. But even though you might be spending more on your new sofa, bed, or dining table, you’ll be getting a high-quality piece that is built to last and designed to always be in style, which is well worth the investment for long-term appeal

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High-density foam

Speaking of the cushions, there’s nothing worse than a sagging sofa with no lumbar support. High-density foam is often an element of luxury seating thanks to its strong, durable construction. It can also be used in mattresses for extra comfortable sleeping. 

Italian leather

Leather is often considered a hallmark of luxury furniture, and Italian leather in particular immediately calls to mind a sophisticated look that is the ultimate in quality. Italian craftsmen create leather that is soft and pliable, leading to furniture that is sumptuous and chic. 

Solid wood

There are many types of wood furniture, and all can offer high-quality pieces for varying budgets. However, if you are shopping for luxury furniture, then your eye should be on solid wood. Solid wood furniture offers longevity and classic style, and over the years it can even be restored to ensure your piece will be an heirloom worth passing down. 


High-quality furniture comes from manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. That said, there’s something special about supporting local. Buying Irish-made furniture is also eco-friendly, with the shorter shipping distance helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint and offering a new form of luxury in choosing sustainability. 


Many people opt for simple, classic looks when shopping for luxury items, pieces that will never seem dated or go out of style. However, if your interior design aesthetic is bold and eclectic, you can find luxury furniture to match as well. Many designers are known for certain styles or details, and shopping signature looks can help create an on-trend, elegant room setup. 

Buy luxury furniture from Corcoran’s today

There are many hallmarks of luxury furniture, but the above are 10 terms you should certainly keep in mind when shopping for sophisticated styles that will stand the test of time. And when you’re shopping for luxury furniture, Corcoran’s has a host of traditional and contemporary options from top manufacturers in Ireland and abroad that are sure to impress in both looks and quality.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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