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Seeking additional bedroom storage? A chest of drawers is undoubtedly a must-have solution.

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Seeking additional bedroom storage? A chest of drawers is undoubtedly a must-have solution. Perfect for both adult and children’s rooms, Corcoran’s offers an expertly curated collection of chests of drawers to suit your needs.

Our range features both traditional and contemporary styles, seamlessly blending with your current furniture and décor. Browse our exceptional selection and elevate your bedroom storage today.

As Much a Storage Solution as it is a Piece of Furniture

Chests of drawers combine functionality with style, catering to both classic and modern tastes. These versatile storage solutions are perfect for stashing everyday essentials like pyjamas, socks, underwear, and various household items.

To further enhance your storage capacity and create a cohesive look, consider adding a matching wardrobe for bulkier belongings and garments that require hanging, such as shirts and trousers.

Choose Your Style and Type of Chest of Drawers

Different bedrooms have a range of size dimensions, which means that a range of chests are needed to accommodate a variety of heights and widths. Here are some solutions from our chest of drawers’ offerings, which might work for your home:

  • Bedside tables – also listed here are much smaller and less wide bedside tables, which are a kind of mini chest of drawers most commonly located at the side of a bed
  • Dressing chests – these tend to be wider and their tops also serve as a great spot to place a mirror, lamp, or photo frame
  • Tallboys – being tall and narrow, these suit bedrooms where space can be more restricted and
  • Wide chests – these are particularly wide chests of drawers, which are not usually too high. Primarily these are used where space is not as much of a problem

Choose between sleek black to chic white chest of drawers and from two to eight drawer pieces. An attractive alternative are baskets, which add a certain style to the furniture piece and are also practical.

Choose from natural wood, varnished, or painted chests of drawers to match your interior decor requirements.

Corcoran’s Bringing You a Great Choice of Furniture-Related Products

There is no need to sacrifice style when you buy a chest of drawers from Corcoran’s. Our carefully selected range will blend into a wide variety of bedroom designs and are as stylish as they are functional and practical. Our product range is sourced from the best suppliers in Ireland and around the world, we bring you the finest choices of furniture in just a few clicks.

Delivery for your purchases can be arranged throughout Ireland.

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