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office chair features

Office Chair Features for Ergonomic Comfort in the Home Office

When you finish a long day at the (home) office, do you feel energised for the rest of your evening, or do you feel exhausted, stiff, and sore? While there are a myriad of ways to alleviate pain from your desk job such as yoga, improving your posture, and stretching during the day, the best long-term solution is to choose an office chair that will support you throughout your workday. 

Ergonomics is a science that determines the best design features for an object or area in order to aid safe and comfortable human use, so ergonomic office chair features are those that provide support and convenience. 

Considering office chair features that are ergonomically designed and comfort-focused is essential when you’re spending most of your day seated at your desk. Read on for our guide to buying office chairs, understanding ergonomic chair features, and the best options for your home office. 

Choosing the best office chairs and office chair features

When you’re looking for ergonomic chair features, there are a number of important elements you should consider in order to ensure comfort and support during your at-home workday. Some of the key office chair features you should look for when buying an ergonomic chair are:

Seat height, width, and depth

No matter what kind of chair you’re using, having good posture is essential for not ending up with back pain over time. Sit up straight, keep your neck in a neutral position, and keep both feet flat on the floor. 

You can do this in any chair, but in an ergonomic office chair there are features that will assist you in keeping a good seating position. Your chair should be of a height to allow you to place your feet flat on the floor — an adjustable seat is ideal because it can accommodate you no matter how tall you are or what height your desk is.

Seat width and depth are also important office chair features. Your seat should leave 5-10 centimetres between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees when you’re sitting properly, to prevent pressure on the backs of your knees. 

Flesk Office Chair High Back


  • 54 W x 60 D x 98 H cm
  • Chair lifts 98 to 118 cm
  • Gas-lift seat
  • Adjustable headrest
  • High back PU office chair
  • Butterfly mechanism with a tilt and lock function
  • Chromed arms with PU pad
  • 320mm square chromed base
  • PU casters

In stock

Lumbar support

If you’ve ever ended a day at your desk with back pain, or woken up the next morning feeling sore and stiff, you understand the importance of lumbar support. An ergonomically-designed office chair will mimic the natural curve of your spine with lower back cushioning for proper alignment. 

Anterior pelvic tilt is another issue that many desk workers experience and which ergonomic office chair features can help prevent. An adjustable seat can pair with a lumbar supporting backrest to prevent your pelvis from rotating forward and causing an uncomfortable arch in your lower back. 

Markus Black Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


  • 56 W x 56 D x 89 H cm
  • Lifts 89 -101 cm
  • Medium back office chair
  • Polypropylene frame and arms
  • Butterfly mechanism with a tilt and lock function
  • 30 cm nylon base
  • Black nylon casters
  • 120 cm gas lift

In stock

Backrest, headrest, and armrest

In addition to the seat, your office chair’s back, head, and armrests should be comfortable and adjustable in order to suit your body’s specific needs and measurements. A backrest that allows for tailored positioning makes certain that it will support your natural spine alignment dependent on your height and body type. Similarly, an adjustable headrest allows you to customise height and tilt to support the back of your head and reduce tension in your shoulders and neck. 

Finally, armrests are also useful ergonomic chair features in that setting your arms down on them can alleviate tension in your shoulders and upper body. However, armrests do not allow your arms a full range of motion, so when you are typing you should not use your armrests as it can lead to wrist and forearm strain. Therefore, you may opt for an office chair without armrests if you know you will be too tempted to use them when you shouldn’t. 

Komo Black Mesh Office Chair with Headrest


  • 67 W x 63 D x 129 H cm
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Castor feet
  • Swivel chair
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Lumbar support
  • Headrest

In stock

Swivel and wheels

An ergonomic office chair’s focus is providing supportive comfort while allowing you a range of movement to access everything you need to look at or touch on your desk. Many of us have home office setups that encompass multiple screens and monitors, a mouse, a keyboard, notebooks, file cabinets, and more. 

To maintain good posture, you shouldn’t have to stretch too far from your default seating position in order to reach any of these elements. Ergonomic office chair features like wheels and a swivel base will help you reach everything in your home office space with comfortable ease. 

Breffin Office Black Swivel Chair


  • 65 W x 74 D x 111 H cm
  • Chair lifts 111-119 cm
  • 80 mm gaslift mechanism
  • High back PU and PVC office chair
  • 350 mm nylon base
  • Butterfly mechanism with a tilt function
  • Powder coated nylon arms with PU padding
  • 350mm powder coating base
  • PU casters


In stock

Mesh backs and overall materials 

An ergonomic office chair will be crafted from materials that offer temperature regulation and will not cause your back to feel sweaty or clammy from a day of sitting. A mesh back is an easy way to ensure breathability and airflow no matter how warm or cold your home office is. 

However, there are a variety of materials you can choose for your chair, depending on the style you want, the office chair features you’re looking for, or the budget you’re working with. Leather offers a luxurious and classic look, vinyl is budget-friendly and easy to maintain, fabric is soft and comes in a variety of colours and patterns, and so on. 

Yarrow Apple Green Office Chair


  • 45.5 W x 55 D x 104 H cm
  • Adjustable lift mechanism
  • Castor feet
  • Swivel detail
  • Breathable mesh back

In stock

Buying office chairs and all the home office essentials at Corcoran’s

Naturally, you’re sure to want a chair for your home office that is stylish and looks good in your home. However, support and comfort are the most important office chair features to consider when purchasing this piece of furniture. 

At Corcoran’s, we have ergonomic office chairs that offer all of the above and more, with many of our chairs in stock for immediate delivery across Ireland. Shop online now, visit one of our Kerry and Limerick locations, or get in touch with our team and find your dream office chair today. 

Plus, shop office desks and other furniture such as bookcases for a complete home office setup that will keep you supported and comfortable throughout your workday. 

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