Bedroom Mirrors

Start the Day in Style with the Perfect Bedroom Mirrors

When you wake up and you’re getting ready to greet the day, you want to be sure the way you look outside matches the way you feel inside. To check that there’s not a hair out of place or an unfortunate piece of food between your teeth, you need a reliable bedroom mirror. At Corcoran’s, we have an array of options that will ensure you are ready to shine when you step outside your bedroom. Choose from our collection of bedroom mirrors to browse and buy online, or have a look at our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see the range in person.

The best mirror in bedroom options available now

Like all our furniture and accessories, our bedroom mirror collection is sourced from top manufacturers in Ireland and abroad, guaranteeing quality, value for money, and of course, style. With our diverse collection full of beautiful, functional pieces, you are sure to find a bedroom mirror that matches your needs. Our range includes:

Bedroom wall mirrors

A wall mirror is a classic choice for a foyer or hall, but can also make a great option for bedrooms as it doesn’t take up any floor or surface space. Set above your dresser or for a modern vanity look, bedroom wall mirrors are an appealing choice for modern rooms.

Bedroom dressing table mirrors

When you sit down at your dressing table or vanity to start your getting-ready routine, there’s nothing better than having a perfect bedroom dressing table mirror to help you along. Choose from our range to find one that suits your style when you’re applying cosmetics or skincare.

Full length mirror for bedrooms

Need to check out your outfit? Want an audience of one for a hairbrush karaoke session? You’ll need to be able to see yourself, and full length mirrors for bedrooms are ideal. Whether freestanding or attached to your wardrobe door, these mirrors offer a full-body look for functional appeal.

Bedroom favourites from Corcoran’s

Bedroom mirrors are far from the only options we have for bedroom furnishing and accessorising. We have beds and bedframes, mattresses and divan bases, chests of drawers and bedside tables, and even wardrobes, along with an array of throw pillows, blankets, and decorative pieces to create personalised bedroom style.

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If you have questions or need help choosing the perfect bedroom mirror for you, ring us on 064 669 112 or send an email through our contact form so you can talk to our helpful and knowledgeable team.