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Side tables are a small but important piece of furniture that can be good looking as well as useful in living and dining rooms alike.

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Side tables are a small but important piece of furniture that can be good looking as well as useful in living and dining rooms alike. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has all the lamp tables for sale that you could ever need, covering many designs, materials, and sizes. Buy lamp tables online via our site or visit our stores in person.

What makes our side tables so special?

Like all the furniture found at Corcoran’s, the side tables we stock have been chosen carefully by our team to ensure that they are of high quality, while also representing the best in contemporary and traditional styling, and all-round durability.

Competitive pricing is another selling point of our lamp tables, and the sheer variety of the units means that whatever your preferred approach to home decor, there should be something for you here.

Why buy lamp tables?

As the name suggests, this type of table is typically chosen to give you a place to put a lamp, whether for the specific purpose of reading or just to add general ambiance to a living space.

Of course, side tables can be much more than that, as we stock models with integrated storage for added convenience, extra shelving to reduce clutter, and durable finishes to withstand the wear and tear of modern living.

Additionally, many of the lamp tables we sell are part of ranges and have matching coffee tables, console tables and other furniture pieces within the range.

What other furniture options are there?

Corcoran’s can fulfil your every home furnishing need, and the best lamp tables Ireland has to offer are just one of the examples of what you can find on our site and at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.
For example, if you are looking for the latest sofas, recliners, and armchairs, then our living room furniture range will likely catch your eye.

You could also be keen to update your bedroom with a bedside table. These are an alternative to side tables, and either can be used in various rooms around a home. Whilst in the bedroom why not also consider a new wardrobe, a chest of drawers or even an entire bed, in which case we also have top products to consider.

You can even delve into the delights of fashion-conscious yet affordable dining room furniture, including tables, chairs, and sideboards.

Want guidance on which side tables to order?

Dial 064 669 1112 to have a friendly conversation with one of the Corcoran’s team. Discuss any of our furniture products or make use of our online contact form if you would prefer to correspond via email. We are here to help!

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