Photo Frames

Beautiful Photo Frames to Display Your Favourite Moments

Every picture tells a story, and when you buy photo frames from Corcoran’s you can showcase the fun times had with friends and family in an attractive, engaging way. We sell the best photo frames Ireland has to offer, covering different shapes, configurations, frame designs, and colours. Browse online or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to order.

A large selection of photo frames in Ireland

Picking the perfect picture frame is easy thanks to the sheer amount of choice you have here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets.

From classic style frames that are ideal for wedding and graduation photos, to markedly modern photo frames for sale that will let you look back on holidays, parties, and proud parental moments with fondness, there is a frame for every occasion on our site.

The variety available also extends to the size of the frames as well, so whether you want a compact 4×6 frame for standard shots or a larger 8×10 frame for extra showcase-worthy photos, Corcoran’s can accommodate.

Find photo frames that fit your style

If you have an eye for interior décor, then you will probably want to buy photo frames online which are in keeping with the look you are orchestrating in your home.

Corcoran’s has picture frames made with different materials and in different colours, so whether you want something bold and glitzy or subtle and subdued, you can bet that we will have the product to suit.

Your other choice is between frames designed to house a single photo or multi-photo frames that let you set several snaps alongside one another. Whether you are decorating the wall of a teenage photography fan or adding pics of the grandkids to the living room, our line up can let you achieve your aims.

Other accessories to consider

Corcoran’s has all the interior design accessories you might want, from picture frames to table lamps, from mirrors to vases.

We even have stylish, modern, and competitively priced furniture including sofas, dining tables, and beds to browse here on our site.

Find out more from the Corcoran’s team

A quick call to 064 669 1112 or a message sent from our contact page will let you chat to a friendly Corcoran’s furniture expert about products including photo frames for sale, so there is no need to delay; get in touch today.