Mirrors from Corcoran’s in Ireland

From the large and the fashionable to the dainty and the practical, at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets you can buy mirrors online of all kinds. We also have a range of the best mirrors Ireland has to offer at our stores in Kerry and Limerick. Our competitive pricing makes us your one-stop-shop for amazing and affordable interior design accessories.

Reflect your personal style with magical mirrors

Whether you are looking for mirrors to mount on the wall of your living room, perhaps positioned above the mantelpiece, or vanity mirrors that can sit on a chest of drawers in your bedroom, Corcoran’s of Ireland has the products for you.

There are lots of designs to consider, with more flamboyant frames and mounting colours available for those who like to make a splash, alongside more restrained, subdued yet still stylish alternatives.

You can even find mirrors that are designed to look vintage but made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, giving them excellent durability, and giving you the best of both worlds.

Buy mirrors to make your home complete

Mirrors are a surprisingly versatile addition to any home, and they don’t only need to take up residence in your bedroom or bathroom.

For example, when buying mirrors in Ireland, why not choose one that will help to transform your living room or kitchen? They are famed for creating the illusion of space, so they can turn a smaller room into one which feels much more capacious.

If you are looking for a mirror that is all about making a statement, we can also accommodate you here at Corcoran’s. Whether it is a wood or metal frame you need to compliment your existing decor or a specific shape or colour of mirror you are after, our range is expansive enough to fulfil your interior design dreams.

Accessories & more

From luscious lamps to cool clocks, from funky photo frames to versatile vases, at Corcoran’s you can accessorise your home however you see fit.

We work with top manufacturers to offer the absolute best mirrors for sale, and the same goes for all our accessories and furniture.

Ask us for advice from anywhere in Ireland today

A call to Corcoran’s on 064 669 1112 or a message sent to our team via our contact page will let you make queries and request help from us with your furniture purchase. We aim to reply quickly to any message, so get in touch.