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Carpet Tiles and Carpet Squares—An Easy Way to Enhance Your Floors

Wall to wall carpet is an impressive addition to any room, and we have plenty of options for wall to wall flooring here at Corcoran’s. But if you’re looking for something with easy install, convenient maintenance, and style that’s just as strong as the full floor varieties, carpet tiles are a great pick. You can opt for bright and colourful tiles that are ideal for a playroom or den, or subtle patterns or hues that lend sophistication to any room. Browse at our stores in Kerry and Limerick or buy online and find the perfect carpet tiles for your home.

DIY appeal and other carpet tile advantages

For those who love to spend a weekend at home working on projects, carpet tiles are an ideal choice for your flooring thanks to their easy-to-install design that’s perfect for DIY. In the longer term, they also offer easy maintenance—if you get a spill or stain on just a few carpet squares, you can replace it with ease without having to pull up the whole carpet. Just like their larger counterparts, carpet tiles are convenient to vacuum or clean, and generally feature tight low-pile construction that promises long-lasting reliability.

Style your tiles any way you like

Because carpet tiles come in small segments, you can really get artistic with the patterns. Choose a mix of colours to create stripes, checkwork, or other designs, or turn the carpet squares in different ways for an extra visually-appealing look. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

Amp up your space with carpet tiles and other essentials

Easy-install, durable, and visually striking, carpet tiles are a favourite for flooring in any home. And once you’ve sorted out your floors, work your way up through your home with furniture, accessories, fixtures, and more, all available from Corcoran’s. Make your design dreams a reality with an array of pieces from our range. And if you have any questions, we have flooring and furniture specialists across our team who can help with interior design inspiration and more.

Get your questions answered by our experts

The Corcoran’s team is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you in making all your renovation and decor projects a success. Contact us today by phone on 064 669 1112 or by email via our contact form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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