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5 Benefits of Using Silver Mirrors in Your Home Corcoran’s Tips

Easter is just around the corner and days are getting brighter, which means it’s the perfect time to let light in. A clever way of instantly maximising the use of light in any space is through the addition of silver mirrors in your home.

Very often, we don’t realise how much we utilise mirrors in our everyday lives. People use them for many functional purposes, such as shaving, flossing, blow drying your hair, applying make-up, checking out your latest outfit, and perhaps, for the Gen Z amongst us, for nailing the perfect Instagram-worthy pout!

Mirrors are also used for ornamental purposes. They can take centre stage in any room through their individual shape or ornate frames, and they also complement smaller rooms by instantly providing light.

One of the most important features of a silver mirror is the reflection it reveals. A mirror will give the sense of enlarging a room and it will also give depth to a space as it allows us to see what is behind us. Simply put, a mirror opens us up to a whole new perspective.

Here are our top 5 reasons to use silver mirrors in your home

1.Silver mirrors reflect light all around the home

Silver mirrors reflect 95% of the light spectrum, and they showcase an object’s true colour. A polished silver mirror reflects a warmer tone than its counterparts aluminium, copper, or other metals, which is one of the reasons that silver has proved to be the most popular design choice in recent years.

Along with being extremely reflective, a silver mirror is very versatile and has many designs and functions, for example, silver is used for both your car’s rear-view mirror and your bathroom mirror. Silver itself is used across industries, including photography, medicine, telescopes, engineering, jewellery, and even for Olympic medals.

A silver mirror can instantly transform your space as it reflects natural light from windows or doors into the room and it prevents the need for the use of artificial lighting. Equally, if you have a dark corner with no natural light, a mirror will add an instant pop of light to that space.

2. A silver mirror will instantly revitalise any space

Depending on where you place it, a mirror can instantly make your home look happier, lighter, and brighter. As silver mirrors reflect energy in the form of light, they can cleverly put a spotlight on features throughout your home that you wish to emphasise.

By hanging a mirror opposite a window, you will be using natural lighting to its full effect, as the light will reflect off the glass and back into your room.

If you want to open up a room, whatever its size, simply place a mirror next to a light fixture or feature lamp, and this will instantly give the impression of a larger area. Don’t be afraid to play with the light available to you through the clever placement of a simple mirror.

3. Silver mirrors are both functional and artistic

A classic or contemporary mirror can make a dramatic difference to any room in the home, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Whether you are using it as an artistic statement piece or purely for functional purposes, you can count on a silver mirror to instantly elevate any space throughout the house.

By placing silver mirrors in your home, you can enhance your space as follows:

  • Light up your life—The light that reflects off your freestanding or hanging silver mirror will light up the entire room.
  • I made you look—Make a dramatic statement through the use of an elaborately designed silver mirror or through the addition of a sleek contemporary mirror, depending on the overall design you are going for.
  • Living large—Silver mirrors create the illusion of a larger space, whether it’s a hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. They are also particularly effective when used in small rooms. For example, if you live in a small apartment with a limited dining area, add a large mirror next to the dining table. The mirror will reflect off the hanging light fixtures and will create the illusion of a much larger space. The larger the mirror, the better in this instance.
  • Parade your personality—The size, style, and design of the mirror you choose can reflect your individual taste and personality. There are a huge range of silver mirrors available both online and in stores, making it easy to get creative and to showcase your personal style and taste.
  • Check me out—A silver mirror placed near the door or hallway provides the ideal way to do a last-minute ‘once over’ before heading out the door.
  • Freestanding and fabulous—Freestanding mirrors are more informal, and they add a sense of contemporary style to any room. They look impressive, and they will instantly open up your space.

4. Scattering silver mirrors in your home brings you good energy

The rule of thumb used by most designers is that you can use as many silver mirrors in your home, as you wish as long as they are serving a purpose. As mirrors naturally reflect energy in the form of light, they will instantly help to boost your space while promoting a sense of positivity around your home.

Mirrors can also be used to highlight different energies throughout the home via the reflection of beautiful objects. A well-lit space will project more positive vibes, so if you feel your rooms are a little ‘tired’ or ‘drab’ add some silver mirrors and watch the magic happen!

There are many Feng Shui techniques recommending how to best place silver mirrors in your home to create harmony and balance. For example, it is considered good luck to hang a mirror in your dining room, as the dining room is considered to be a haven of health, wealth, and prosperity.

Feng shui teachings also recommend that you avoid hanging mirrors in certain areas of your home:

  • Cancel the clutter—Avoid placing mirrors around messy or cluttered areas, as a mirror will just reflect the mess!
  • No mirrors in the kitchen—Don’t place mirrors in the kitchen, they will fog up when cooking, and you will spend a lot of time having to clean them.
  • Don’t hang a mirror directly opposite the bed—Avoid hanging a mirror either above or at the end of your bed as, according to some traditions, your soul leaves your body when sleeping, and it may get a fright if it sees its reflection in the mirror in the middle of the night! Also, this placement of mirrors may create illusions in the dim light and darkness, so it is best to avoid these areas.
  • Don’t hang a mirror directly opposite the front door—When you open the front door, good energy may bounce back outside. It is important to always welcome good energy indoors.

5. Balance your space through the addition of silver mirrors

Mirrors are said to represent water and they can help to balance a room. They can also add function and depth to any space, or they can simply be used as a main feature, taking centre stage in any room.

Through the addition of silver mirrors in your home you can get creative, have fun and modernise your space instantly. Here are some top tips when choosing a location for your mirror:

  • Over a fireplaceSoften the hearth of the room.
  • Opposite a windowFlood your room with natural light.
  • Entrance HallwayDisplaying a warm welcome greeting to your guests (as mentioned, do not place the mirror directly opposite the front door).
  • Down a narrow hallwayPlace a few identical mirrors side by side along a hallway, this will make the space look less cramped.
  • Use mirrors as a prop—Mirrors can be used as a prop to showcase the most treasured items in your house, such as opposite a stunning vase or a hanging lamp or chandelier, which will reflect the light.
  • Make a statement—Use a mirror as a design feature in your home or an artistic centrepiece in a hallway, bedroom, or walk-in wardrobe.
  • Freestanding features—A freestanding mirror works perfectly in a dressing room or bedroom as a unique statement piece. You can even place a light behind the mirror to create a more dramatic effect.
  • Peek a BooMirrors help you around walls and doorways, providing an ideal way to keep an eye on young children or to provide more visibility throughout your home.
  • Mirrored furnitureMirrored furniture is eye-catching, stylish, and functional, and it provides a very clever way to open up any room in the home. Mirrored bedside tables and lockers help to create a sense of space and are particularly effective in smaller rooms.

There is no doubt that silver mirrors will add an element of sophistication to your home. No matter what size or design you choose, a mirror will help to give your room a whole new glamorous look.

Have fun as you tap into the natural energy in your home through the clever positioning of silver mirrors throughout any space. Liven up your home today and let the light shine in.

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