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What are 7 Essential Qualities to Look for When Buying Garden Tables?

When it comes to garden tables, there aren’t quite as many options available as you might find when shopping for dining tables. However, there are still plenty of table types and styles to choose from for your outdoor space, so you’ll need a way to narrow down and select the best table for your garden or yard. 

We’ve gathered 7 essential things to consider that will help you choose the perfect garden tables to suit your outdoor space. Read on for advice from the experts and get ready for fantastic summer style. 

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1. Consider the size of your outdoor space

The very first thing you need to do when buying new indoor furniture is to measure your available space. There’s no point in falling in love with a potential new sofa or dining table if there’s no way it will ever fit in a room. 

Of course, outdoor furniture doesn’t necessarily have to fit through doorways or alongside walls, so you may not immediately think of measurements when you’re shopping for garden tables. However, you’ll still want to consider the right size outdoor furniture for your available space. 

Naturally, if you have a small garden or patio you will need to think about what size table or what number of chairs you can fit, but you will also want to make sure that your outdoor space is well-proportioned. 

Your garden is like a big open-plan room, and needs to encompass multiple zones — from a play area for your kids, to a spot for al fresco dinner parties — so you’ll want garden furniture that is the right size for the space. 

2. Pick the right material for your garden tables

There are an array of materials used to craft outdoor tables, chosen both for their durability and for their good looks. 

Aluminium is a common option for garden furniture, offering lightweight and easy to clean furniture that is often very budget friendly. For a sturdier, more stately alternative, steel or wrought iron furniture is a heavy and durable choice for a classic outdoor furniture look. 

If you’re after a natural look, wood is a lovely option for outdoor furniture, although it does require regular treatment and care. 

Finally, rattan garden tables are among our favourites thanks to their pairing of sturdiness and style, offering a timeless design that stands up to the elements. 

3. Think about how much you’ll use your garden furniture

In line with choosing the size and material, you should consider how often you’ll use your garden furniture and how you plan to use it. This will help you determine elements such as the type of outdoor furniture you want and the budget you’ll allocate to your purchase. 

If you know you’ll never go and sit outside unless the weather is absolutely perfect, a small table or single comfy egg chair is probably enough for your outdoor space. 

However, if you love the outdoors no matter the weather and want to spend as much time in your garden as possible, then it’s well worth the investment to get a larger and more sumptuous garden set. 

4. Look at the features of garden tables

While, as noted above, there is not as much variety in outdoor furniture as there is in indoor dining sets, you can still find a variety of extra features to consider when it comes to shopping for this furniture type. 

Additional elements like a lazy susan can turn a typical outdoor table into a piece that’s primed for parties and sharing snacks. Or opt for a table with an integrated fire pit and you’ll stay warm and comfortable well into the evening. 

Choosing a table with something extra can really make your outdoor area a special spot to relax and enjoy, so it’s well worth considering. 

5. Pair your table with the right seating

For the most part, garden tables and chairs come in sets, so it’s easy to create a coordinated dining space on your patio or in your yard. But there are still considerations to keep in mind when setting up a great seating area.  

Some garden sets feature individual chairs, making them super convenient to move around as needed. 

On the other hand, there are also options for 2- or 3-seaters or even corner seating configurations. A sofa-style seating option is not only perfect for accommodating larger groups, but you can also move it away from the table and simply use it to lounge in the sun. 

6. Assess the right colour scheme 

Overall, there aren’t a wide spectrum of colour options for rattan garden tables and furniture, or outdoor sets of any material. Most patio furniture comes in a small range of neutral hues — grey, tan, black, etc. 

That said, even within a narrow set of options, you can choose the right colours to suit the style of your outdoor space. A lighter shade is ideal for a relaxed, coastal-inspired setup, while a darker hue offers a more modern and dramatic look. 

You might also add accessories to change the colour palette of your garden set, incorporating colourful cushions, throws, or outdoor rugs to achieve the desired effect. 

7. Invest in quality for long-term enjoyment

In a country like Ireland, where the summers don’t tend to lend themselves to long stretches of heat and sun, it can be tempting to make do with the cheapest garden furniture available. 

However, garden furniture is actually well worth the investment. If you find garden tables and chairs you really love, you’ll want to get more use out of them even on an overcast day. And sturdier sets will last you through the years, rather than needing to be replaced after every season. 

When you shop garden furniture at Corcoran’s, you can be sure of quality and style that will upgrade your outdoor space and offer relaxed enjoyment for your yard or patio. Shop garden and outdoor furniture online now or visit us in store to get set up in time for summer.  

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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