8x10 Photo Frames

With an 8×10 frame, you can make your larger snaps look even better, whether you display them on sideboards and tables or mount them on the wall. At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, we have 8×10 photo frames of many styles, from the decorative to the subtle, and we can deliver any of our 8 by 10 frame options across Ireland.

Which 8×10 photo frames will catch your eye?

Corcoran’s is home to lots of 8×10 frames, including ornate examples as well as more straightforward counterparts that let the image do the talking.

You can choose between lots of 20x25cm frame products, such as:

Metal 8×10 photo frames

A metallic finish to an 8×10 frame is a good look for lots of settings, and you can choose from options like gold and silver so that your frame matches the rest of the room. Fit your frame in with either a contemporary decor or harking back to the past with a more retro-inspired design.

Wooden 8×10 photo frames

If a wooden 8×10 frame is more in keeping with your personal tastes, then Corcoran’s is also the place to find what you are looking for. A standard-sized 20x25cm frame can feature painted wood or a natural finish, and there are of course different sized bezels that let you determine the precise dimensions you need.

Most importantly, you can use 8×10 photo frames to make a real impact, as they will be capable of accommodating larger format prints. Because of this, they are not just great for your own use, but could also make the ideal gift, whether for a birthday or to commemorate another special occasion. Order an 8×10 frame online or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to choose in person.

Art & interior accessories aplenty at Corcoran’s

If you want to deck out your home with decorative items, Corcoran’s can help; we have wall art and pictures as well as trinkets and ornaments to adorn every surface. We also have indoor plant pots and artificial flowers to go along with them, as well as general-purpose throws and cushions.

Call Corcoran’s to get photo frame guidance

Whether you are struggling to choose a photo frame or you just want advice and product information from our experienced team, please dial 064 669 1112 to get in touch or email us instead and we will reply to you in a jiffy.