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Ankara Sky Blue Velvet Bed


Ankara Sky Blue Velvet Bed


  • Snug Style Statement: More than a bed, the Ashley Sky Blue Velvet Bed is a snug statement in chic comfort, where style meets sleep in a cloud of sky blue.
  • Tranquil Dreams Ahead: Dressed in soothing sky blue velvet, this plush bed turns your bedroom into a serene sanctuary, proving that calm can indeed be captivating.
  • Fit for Every Space: Whether your room is cosy or cavernous, with 4′ 6″ and 5ft options, Ashley fits your space like a dream.
  • Velvet that Lasts: High-quality velvet fabric ensures that this bed lives elegance, blending durability with lasting chic.
  • Sturdy as They Come: With a frame this solid, Ashley provides the kind of support that reassures you night after night.
  • Minimalism Meets Impact: Ashley’s design is as simple as it is impactful, making it the perfect centrepiece for any decor that values minimalism with a punch.
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Embrace Serene Slumber with the Ankara Sky Blue Velvet Bed

Introducing the Ashley Sky Blue Velvet Bed, where the zenith of chic comfort meets the tranquillity of colour to create a haven of rest. This velvet piece bed is a statement of style and a bastion of comfort, designed to transform your bedroom into a serene escape.

Where Comfort and Style Collide

With its plush sky blue velvet upholstery, the Ankara Sky Blue Velvet Bed encapsulates chic comfort.  It isn't just about adding a bed to your room; it's about infusing your space with a bold style statement that whispers serenity and promises you snug nights.

A Palette of Peace

Cloaked in the calm of sky blue, the Ankara Sky Blue Velvet Bed brings a tranquil vibe that turns any bedroom into a sanctuary, enveloping you in serene comfort the moment you step into the room.

Versatility in Size

Whether your sanctuary is snug or sprawling, the Ankara Sky Blue Velvet Bed caters to every space with 4 ft 6 and 5 ft options. It's about fitting perfectly into your life and space, proving that true comfort knows no size constraints.

Elegance That Endures

Constructed from high-quality velvet fabric, the Ankara bed merges durability with an elegant aesthetic. This bed isn't just about looking good on day one; it's about maintaining that elegance and comfort through every season of life.

Unwavering Support

Under the luxurious exterior lies a sturdy frame that provides reliable support for restful nights. It's the kind of foundation that reassures you, offering solid support that complements Ankara's soft embrace.

Simplistically Striking

Designed with minimalist charm, the Ankara bed stands as an ideal centrepiece for any decor, from minimalist to contemporary. Its simple yet impactful design proves that sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to sophisticated slumber. Its the sort of bed that redefines what it means to retire for the night.

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