Arc Floor Lamps

Seriously stylish and perfectly practical, arc floor lamps are growing in popularity for a number of reasons! At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets you can find a large selection of curved floor lamps made with different finishes and a range of sizes and configurations. We offer nationwide home delivery on all our arc lamps and competitive pricing across the range.

Encounter amazing arc floor lamps at Corcoran’s

We have all sorts of curved floor lamps to consider, so you can let your own preferences guide you or select a unit that is in keeping with the decor of your room. The range includes:

Metal arc lamps

An appealing option for a lot of reasons, arc floor lamps made with metals such as steel and brass not only look good but are sturdy and durable. Select from a range of finishes, whether you want that classy, brushed metal look, a shinier chrome finish, or perhaps a coated colouring to fit in with other furnishings.

Fabric shade arc lamps

While some arc floor lamps are equipped with metal shades to match the frames, others opt for a fabric finish instead, giving you all sorts of other stylistic flourishes, you can weigh up. From bold patterns to single colour shades, your arc floor lamps can reflect your décor personality.

Size options & use cases

Arc floor lamps have risen to prominence not just because they are fashionable and offer that exact combination of retro and modern appeal, but also because they are actually more practical than some other types of floor lamp in certain contexts.

For example, position one over an armchair in the corner of the room and you have the perfect reading nook. Or, if you select a larger model with a greater reach, you can illuminate an entire sofa with ease.

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