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Ariel Gold Velvet Cushion

Ariel Gold Velvet Cushion

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  • Dimensions: 45 W x 15-20 D x 45 H cm
  • Gilded Comfort: Wrap your sofa in the luxury of the Aria Gold Velvet Cushion, a golden ticket to opulent lounging.
  • Emerald Isle Craft: Handcrafted with pride in Ireland, each cushion is a soft, golden embrace from the land of the poets.
  • Velvet Goldmine: Dressed in 100% polyester velvet, this cushion is as durable as it is regal.
  • Feathered Splendour: Inside, a feather pad offers a plush retreat, inviting you to sink into aristocratic comfort.
  • Golden Proportions: Dimensions are approximations, but the splendour of the Aria Gold Velvet Cushion is beyond measure.

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The Aria Gold Velvet Cushion: Opulence Unleashed

Welcome to the realm of the Aria Gold Velvet Cushion, where luxury is a standard. This cushion offers the monarch of comfort, ruling with a soft, velvet coat.

Embroidery of midas

Each Aria Gold Velvet Cushion is a handcrafted masterpiece from Ireland, carrying with it the heritage of skilled artisans whose craft has been honed over generations. This cushion is spun from the yarns of legend, glistening with the touch of a thousand golden suns.

Alchemy of comfort

Woven from the purest 100% polyester, the Aria Gold Velvet Cushion offers a texture as sumptuous as the precious metal it emulates. This is where the science of material meets the art of design, creating a fabric that is both resilient to life's ebb and flow and supple to the touch.

Feathers of royalty

At its heart lies a feather pad, each one a soft salute to the clouds from whence they came. It's a filling that ensures your leisure is cradled in the lap of luxury, making every moment of repose a regal experience.

Sizing with sophistication

The Aria Gold Velvet Cushion may have its dimensions approximated, but its grandeur is anything but. Like the chambers of a palace, each cushion's proportions are a broad canvas for the gold velvet that adorns it, inviting you to partake in its majestic comfort.

The golden touch

Adorning your sofa with the Aria Gold Velvet Cushion is akin to draping it in robes of royalty. This cushion does not shy away from the limelight; it transforms your living space into a court of luxurious repose.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 15-25 × 45 cm
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43×43 cm

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