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Arras Red Vintage Cushion

Arras Red Vintage Cushion

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  • Embroidered Elegance: Stitched with stories, the Arras Red Vintage Cushion is a tapestry of tales from the looms of Ireland.
  • Jacquard Jewel: Clad in woven jacquard, this cushion catches eyes like a ruby in the sun, a lavish splash on any settee.
  • Triple Thread Triumph: A textile trifecta of 58% cotton for softness, 32% polyester for strength, and 10% polyester acrylic for a touch of sheen.
  • Feathery Embrace: Stuffed with a feather filler, the Arras Red Vintage Cushion is like a soft sonnet for your sofa.
  • Double the Drama: Embroidered on both sides with a knife-edge finish, this cushion doesn’t have a bad angle in the house.
  • Sizing with Soul: Dimensions of the Arras Red Vintage Cushion are approximated, much like a hand-painted masterpiece, each with its own unique strokes.
Number of variations: 2
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The Arras Red Vintage Cushion: A Stitch in Timeless Chic

Embark on a whimsical weave through history with the Arras Red Vintage Cushion, a pillow that's meticulously embroidered with the essence of epochs past, offering a throwback to the opulence of vintage design.

Renaissance of weave

Clad in the finest woven jacquard, the Arras Red Vintage Cushion is a tactile sonnet penned in the language of luxury. With every touch, you're brushing against centuries of tradition, reinvented for the modern muse.

A medley of materials

A triumvirate of textiles: 58% cotton whispers softness from every fibre, 32% polyester ensures strength to withstand the hands of time, and 10% polyester acrylic adds a hint of lustrous history, an ancestral glow that brightens every room.

Feathers from the phoenix's nest

What lies within is no mere filler but the softness of feathers, promising a plushness that's resurrected from the cushions of antiquity. Each lean, each touch, and each moment of repose is a dive into a cloud of historical comfort.

Embroidery of ages

The Arras Red Vintage Cushion is a masterpiece of detail, offering twice the visual feast. Each side is lavishly embroidered, featuring a knife-edge finish that speaks to the precision of its craftsmanship. Every side is its showcase, and every angle is a testament to artisanal excellence.

Precisely approximate

Each Arras Red Vintage Cushion comes with measurements that are estimations, yet precise in their intention to provide ample beauty and comfort. It's a cushion that understands the charm of uniqueness and the value of a handcrafted heritage that can't be contained by rigid dimensions.

The final flourish

This cushion doesn't settle for simply filling a space; it fills the imagination with its rich red hues and intricate patterns. It's a centrepiece, a conversation starter, and a story to be told. Welcome the Arras Red Vintage Cushion into your home and let the tales unfold.

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40×60 cm, 43×43 cm

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