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Aruba Teal Nature Cushion

Aruba Teal Nature Cushion

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  • Teal Temptation: The Aruba Teal Nature Cushion envelops a luxurious velvet feel, blooming in a vivacious teal and warming orange hue.
  • Fabric of Dreams: Crafted entirely from 100% polyester for a long-lasting embrace that’s both lush and plush.
  • Feathered Softness: At its core, a feather pad whispers comfort, promising a soft landing for weary heads.
  • Piping Precision: The cushion’s reverse is just as coordinated, with contrast velvet piping adding a chic boundary to the bold design.
  • Measured to Marvel: While the measurements are approximated, they are done so with meticulous attention, ensuring the cushion you receive is as close to perfection as possible.
Number of variations: 3
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The Aruba Teal Nature Cushion: An Oasis of Comfort

Unveil a sanctuary of style with the Aruba Teal Nature Cushion, where the lushness of a tropical paradise is captured in every thread. This cushion is a delight in accenting a room, with a vibrant teal that echoes the depths of the ocean and an orange that rivals the most breathtaking of sunsets.

Luxe in velvet

The Aruba Teal Nature Cushion is a masterpiece draped in the finest velvet, a fabric chosen not just for its unrivalled softness but for its noble presence. It invites you to not only see its beauty but to feel it, to become immersed in its luxurious touch.

Durable design

Fashioned from the sturdiest 100% polyester, this teal nature cushion is not only a visual delight but also a durable companion for your daily repose. It's crafted to withstand the ebb and flow of everyday life while maintaining its regal composure.

Embrace of elegance

Under its sumptuous surface lies a heart of feathers, providing a comfort that is both immediate and enduring. It's a cushion that cradles you in relaxation, ensuring every moment of leisure is a moment of luxury.

Piped with panache

The cushion's aesthetic is further enhanced by a coordinated reverse with contrasting velvet piping that highlights the Aruba Teal Nature Cushion's confident charm.

Commitment to Quality

Every Aruba Teal Nature Cushion is measured with precision, ensuring that while the numbers may be approximations, the fit and finish are anything but. Each cushion is a commitment to quality, a dedication to detail that you can not only see but also feel.

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