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Avari Blue Floral Cushion

Avari Blue Floral Cushion

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  • 43 W x 15-20 D x 43 H cm
  • Feathered Fancy: The Avari Blue Floral Pillow features a floral and bird digital print so lifelike, you might hear tweets in your dreams!
  • Velvet Embrace: Soft to the touch, this pillow’s velvety fabric is a cuddle in cushion form.
  • Fringe Benefits: Adorned with contrasting fringe, this pillow adds a fringe festival to any furnishing.
  • Polyester Pizzazz: Crafted entirely from 100% polyester for robust resilience and relentless relaxation.
  • Downy Depths: Stuffed with a feather pad, because your comfort is not up for debate.
  • Irish Hands, Global Charm: Handcrafted in Ireland, because every stitch comes with a story.
  • Approximation Admiration: The measurements might be estimated, but the grandeur is precise.

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The Avari Blue Floral Cushion: A Cornucopia of Colour

Behold the Avari Blue Floral Cushion, where every thread weaves a narrative of nature's splendour, captured in the vibrant strokes of a bird in full flourish against a tapestry of floral fantasy.

Velvet's caress

The Avari Blue Floral Cushion's fabric is a velvety dreamscape, a soft sanctuary fashioned for the most delicate of daydreams and the deepest of dozes.

Fringe's flair

Outlined with a contrasting fringe, the Avari Blue Floral Cushion is a centrepiece that commands attention, combining comfort with couture.

Material majesty

With a composition as pure as a summer sky, this 100% polyester pillow promises enduring elegance and an unwavering embrace.

The feather's tale

Within its fabric folds lies a feather pad, offering a plumpness that pampers with every touch, every tuck, and every tête-à-tête.

Artisanal elegance

Every Avari Blue Floral Cushion is a testament to the meticulous artisanship that Ireland is renowned for. Each piece, with its intricate stitching and attention to detail, reflects a tradition of quality and a dedication to crafting not just a pillow but a piece of art.

Sizing with a smile

While the size of each Avari Blue Floral Cushion may vary, its ability to imbue any room with charm is as certain as the dawn.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 15-25 × 43 cm
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Colour family







43×43 cm

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