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Axel Blue Abstract Cushion

Axel Blue Abstract Cushion

RRP: 33.99

  • 43 W x 15-20 D x 43 H cm
  • Lavish cut velvet in a contemporary geometric design with a mink velvet reverse
  • Material – 100% polyester
  • Filling – feather pad
  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • Please note that the measurements are approximated

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The Axel Blue Abstract Cushion: A Symphony in Velvet and Vivacity

Geometric genius

Adorn your abode with Axel's avant-garde artistry. This blue abstract cushion is a gallery-worthy piece, flaunting a vibrant array of blues that dance in an abstract ballet across a backdrop of lavishly cut velvet.

A touch of tranquillity

The obverse, a swath of mink velvet, presents a placid pause in texture. It's a tactile whisper, promising a soothing caress against the skin, a serene companion to its vivacious visage.

A stitch in time

Each fibre of the 100% polyester fabric is a testament to the time-honored tradition of textile excellence. This blue abstract cushion is built not just to last but to age gracefully, like a fine wine in the cellar of your settee.

Feather's light embrace

Encased within is a feather pad, a buoyant bastion of comfort. Each plume is a soft sonnet, an ode to repose that invites you to sink into a sumptuous, dream-filled state.

The Craft of the Irish

Conceived in the creative crucible of Irish artisanship, every Axel Blue Abstract Cushion is a unique narrative woven by the deft hands of the isle's finest crafters. To own one is to support a piece of Irish heart and soul.

Bespoke Boundaries

True to its handcrafted roots, the dimensions of each cushion carry the charm of approximation. It's a nod to the human touch in each measurement, a celebration of individuality over industrial exactness.

Sitting pretty

With the Axel Blue Abstract Cushion, your couch will be crowned. Consider it a throne for your seat, a luxurious landmark in your living space.

The measure of mirth

The Axel Blue Abstract Cushion doesn't ask for exact measurements; it revels in the approximations. Each variance in size is a signature of its uniqueness, a whisper of the narrative that each cushion carries from its creation.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 15-25 × 43 cm
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43×43 cm

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