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Azure Exotic Peacock Cushion

Azure Exotic Peacock Cushion

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  • Plumage Perfection: Adorn your abode with the Azure Exotic Peacock cushion, featuring a resplendent cut velvet feather design that fans out in opulent hues.
  • Silken Splendor: The luxurious satin reverse of this cushion is as smooth as a peacock’s strut, complemented by a sharp knife-edge finish for that extra slice of elegance.
  • Artistic Flair: Not just a cushion, but a conversation piece that brings the grandeur of a peacock’s poise to your sofa or bed.
  • Polyester Plush: Woven from 100% polyester, this cushion offers lasting vibrancy as enduring as the peacock’s timeless allure.
  • Feathered Comfort: Stuffed with a feather pad, it’s as if you’re resting on the soft plumes of the bird itself.
  • Sizing the Spectacle: The size may be approximate, but the statement this cushion makes is precisely grand.
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Azure Exotic Peacock Cushion: A Statement of Sophistication

Introducing the Azure Exotic Peacock Cushion, a vibrant homage to nature's most majestic bird. With its eye-catching peacock feather design on sumptuous cut velvet, this cushion doesn't just sit—it dazzles.

Elegance embodied

The cushion's design is a dance of colour and texture, capturing the essence of the peacock's splendour. It’s an exotic touch that transforms any room into a showcase of luxury.

Reverse of refinement

Turn this cushion over, and the story doesn't end. A satin reverse provides a sleek counterpart to the textured display, ensuring that style has two sides.

Sculpted for style

The precise knife-edge finish on the Azure Exotic Peacock cushion is the boundary where art meets precision, where comfort meets couture.

Lasting luxury

Created with 100% polyester, this cushion promises an enduring presence, with colours that remain as vivid as the bird that inspired them.

Nest of nourishment

Filled with a gentle feather pad, the Azure Exotic Peacock cushion offers an embrace that's both lush and comforting.

Measure of majesty

Though its dimensions are given as approximate, the cushion’s ability to captivate and charm is unequivocally exact.

The Azure Exotic Peacock Cushion is not just a soft furnishing; it's a bold brushstroke on the canvas of your home, a touch of artistic flair that's as plush as it is prestigious.

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43×43 cm

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