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Babylon Jungle Print Cushion

Babylon Jungle Print Cushion

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  • Verdant Visual Voyage: The Babylon Jungle Print Cushion features a digital jungle so vivid, it’s like a window to a wild pink and green paradise.
  • Linen Luxe: Crafted onto the finest linen-feel fabric, this cushion brings the call of the jungle to the palm of your hand.
  • Velvet Verve: With a plush velvet reverse, the Babylon is a dual-textured touch of extravagance.
  • Polyester Paradise: Made from 100% polyester, it’s the Eden of endurance—paradise won’t fade away.
  • Feathered Fluff: Each cushion is plumped up with a feather pad, inviting you to sink into your very own jungle retreat.
  • Estimable Elegance: While its size may be approximate, Babylon’s ability to captivate is absolute.
Number of variations: 2

Babylon Jungle Print Cushion: A Lush Retreat in Linen

Embark on an exotic escape with the Babylon Jungle Print Cushion, where a striking jungle scene comes to life upon the most exquisite linen-feel fabric. This cushion doesn't just add to your decor; it transforms it, inviting the vibrancy of the wilderness into your home with a flourish of pink and green.

Digital dreamscape on a cushion

Digitally printed with the utmost precision, the Babylon cushion's jungle is a tapestry of imagination, an infusion of modern technology with the timeless allure of nature.

Reversible radiance

Turn the cushion over and sink into the sumptuous touch of plush velvet. It's not just a back; it's a whole new mood, a new personality, and a new style.

A poly of many colours

The Babylon cushion, made from 100% polyester, offers the promise of lasting colour and comfort—an enduring piece of your heart and hearth.

Feathers of fantasy

Filled to the brim with a feather pad, the Babylon Jungle Print cushion is not merely a place to rest your head; it's a cloud in your own jungle canopy.

Sizing the serene

The measurements might be approximate, but the serenity the Babylon Jungle Print cushion brings to your space is anything but. It's a perfect fit for those who yearn for adventure and repose alike.

The Babylon Jungle Print Cushion is a statement, a scene, and a sanctuary. Welcome to the jungle of your dreams; no passport required.

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45×45 cm, 58×58 cm

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