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Barnaby Velvet High back Armchair


Barnaby Velvet High back Armchair

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  • 78.8 W x 94 D x 108 H cm
  • Majestic Sitting: With its throne-like high back, the Barnaby armchair doesn’t just invite you to sit; it invites you to reign.
  • Velvet’s Embrace: Clad in plush beige velvet, this highback velvet armchair practically oozes sophistication.
  • A Touch of Chenille: Its chenille velvet base adds that opulent feel, making it a tactile adventure.
  • Rolling in Style: Traditional castor legs mean the Barnaby chair not only has a foundation in classic design but can follow you around (almost) like a loyal subject.
  • Cushioned to the Hilt: Comes with scatter cushions that are the seating equivalent of a royal cloak, ensuring every sit is a lavish affair.
  • Elegantly Edged: With soft curves and edged piping, the Barnaby Highback Velvet Armchair is a piece of the Belvedere collection’s aristocracy.
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Embrace Regal Comfort with the Barnaby Velvet High Back Armchair

Introducing the Barnaby Velvet High Back Armchair, a piece where luxury meets legacy, designed not just for sitting but for reigning in your own slice of the kingdom. With its plush design and majestic aesthetics, this armchair transforms any corner into a throne room.

A Seat Worthy of Stories

The Barnaby's high back design offers not only support but is a statement of grandeur, inviting you to assume a posture of both comfort and command.

Luxurious by Nature

Upholstered in the most lavish beige velvet, the Barnaby Velvet High Back Armchair brings a level of sophistication that's tangible. It's the kind of chair that doesn’t just catch the eye; it captivates the heart.

Texture That Speaks

With its chenille velvet base, the Barnaby Velvet High Back Armchair adds a layer of luxury that's as much a feast for the fingers as it is for the eyes. This wonderfully tactile upholstery is an invitation to touch, to explore, to truly feel at ease.

Classic Foundations with a Twist

Set upon traditional castor legs, Barnaby combines mobility with a timeless design ethos. It’s a nod to the past that says, “Yes, I have roots, but I can still move with the times.”

The Pinnacle of Comfort

Boasting scatter cushions that blend boucle with textured fabrics, sitting in the Barnaby is like being enveloped in a royal cloak. Each cushion is a promise of unparalleled comfort.

Details That Demand Attention

It's the nuances—the soft curves, the edged piping—that elevate Barnaby from mere furniture to a piece of the Belvedere collection's legacy.

The Barnaby Velvet High Back Armchair stands as a testament to what happens when design dares to dream big. It’s a swath of comfot and a beacon of style, all waiting to welcome you home.

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Dimensions 78.8 × 94 × 108 cm
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