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Barnaby Velvet Ottoman


Barnaby Velvet Ottoman

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  • 90 W x 77 D x 50 H cm
  • Chenille Velvet Splendour: Not just any base, but a chenille velvet one that makes your feet question their worthiness. In warm beige, the Barnaby Velvet Ottoman is a visual and tactile heaven.
  • Elegance on Wheels: Graceful castor legs that do more than move; they saunter, adding a dash of old-world charm to your space.
  • Multipurpose Marvel: It’s an ottoman, it’s extra seating, it’s…whatever you need it to be, proving its worth in versatility and luxury.
  • Statement of Opulence: More than just a footstool, the Barnaby Velvet Ottoman is a luxury accent that effortlessly elevates your room’s style quotient, blending seamlessly with function and flair.
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The Barnaby Velvet Ottoman with Storage: A Symphony of Comfort and Elegance

Introducing the Barnaby Velvet Ottoman, a testament to what happens when luxury meets versatility. This deluxe velvet footstool is a multifaceted masterpiece designed to add a layer of sophistication and comfort to any room it graces.

A Touch of Chenille Velvet Splendour in a storage stool

The Barnaby Velvet Ottoman with Storage doesn't just stand on its chenille velvet base; it boasts of it. With its warm beige hue, it offers indulgence for both the eyes and the touch, making it a centrepiece of tactile and visual appeal.

Mobility Meets Classic Sophistication

Perched on graceful castor legs, the Barnaby Velvet Ottoman ottoman brings a slice of the traditional into the modern home. Those legs are a nod to a time when elegance was paramount, offering both mobility and a timeless aesthetic to your living space.

The Versatile Virtuoso

Designed with adaptability in mind, the Barnaby Velvet Ottoman transcends its role as a mere footstool. Whether serving as extra seating for an impromptu gathering or acting as a luxurious accent piece, Barnaby proves its worth in every setting.

An Accent of Luxury

Elevating the ambiance of any room, the Barnaby Velvet Ottoman melds function with style, serving as a testament to refined living. It's the kind of accent that doesn’t just complement your décor; it enhances it.

The Barnaby Velvet Ottoman stands as a beacon of elegance and versatility. In it, comfort finds form and luxury finds functionality, making every aspect of this piece a celebration of sophisticated living.

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Dimensions 90 × 77 × 50 cm
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