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Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion

Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion

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  • Boucle Brilliance: The Beckett cushion is a handcrafted haven of cut boucle, boasting a chic two-toned watercolour palette that whispers sophistication.
  • Emerald Isle Elegance: Conceived in Ireland, the Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion features a soft velvet reverse, marrying luxury with a lush, tactile embrace.
  • Velvety Verso: A stroke of genius, the coordinating velvet reverse is as pleasing to the touch as a gentle evening breeze.
  • Piping Perfection: Trimmed with coordinating piping, the Beckett cushion is the epitome of detail, down to the last thread.
  • Comfort Composition: Crafted with 74% polyester and 26% viscose, the Beckett is a blend of strength and softness.
  • Feathery Foundation: Each cushion harbours a feather pad, offering a plump, welcoming poise that’s ready to pamper.
  • Tailored to Taste: While the measurements may be approximate, Beckett’s charm and comfort measure up to every expectation.
Number of variations: 2
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Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion: An Ode to Textural Harmony

The Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion is a masterpiece of texture and hue, a hand-made marvel that brings the delicate art of watercolour to the realm of tactile delight. This captivating boucle cushion is an invitation to touch, relax, and indulge in the artistry of Irish design.

Lavish in touch and tone

With its lavish cut boucle and chic two-toned choices of watercolour blue or green, the Beckett cushion is a symphony of style. It's an accent piece that doesn't just complement your decor—it enriches it.

Velvet's gentle caress

Designed in Ireland, the Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion pampers with a velvet reverse so soft, it's like the gentle kiss of the morning sun on your skin.

Detail in design

Accented with coordinating piping and a velvet reverse, the Beckett is as meticulous in design as it is generous in comfort.

Crafted to last

A durable blend of polyester and viscose ensures that the Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion remains a part of your home's narrative for years to come, its story unfolding with every touch.

Feathered embrace

Embracing a feather pad within, the Beckett offers an enveloping comfort that beckons you to sink in and escape.

A Vision of Precision

Though the dimensions are approximate, the impact of the Beckett cushion is anything but. It's a piece that's perfectly tailored to add a stroke of elegance to your home.

The Beckett Watercolour Boucle Cushion is not your everyday accessory. It's a brushstroke of beauty, a detail of design that's designed to be felt as much as it is to be seen.

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