Bedroom Armchairs

Bedroom Armchairs

There are certain seating options we expect to see in a bedroom.

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There are certain seating options we expect to see in a bedroom. You may have a dressing table with a matching stool, and of course you can always perch on the end of your bed. But if you want even more luxurious comfort in the morning or as you get ready for bed, consider a bedroom armchair for an extra plush bedroom seating solution. At Corcoran’s, we have a whole host of armchairs that are perfectly suited for the bedroom, with an array of colours, materials, and shapes that can coordinate with your bedroom furniture and create a lovely space to lounge. Order bedroom armchairs on our website or visit our Kerry and Limerick stores to choose your bedroom armchair in person. 

Beautiful armchairs for bedrooms

In your bedroom, the considerations for an armchair may be slightly different than in your sitting room. The largest, squashiest recliner may not be the best option if you’re fitting it in with the rest of your bedroom furniture. And you may want to choose a bedroom armchair that evokes a certain style, like old-school glamour or sleek modernity. You may want a soft fabric-upholstered option, or a lovely leather piece suited for a sumptuous bedroom setup. 

Choose bedroom armchairs get away from it all

When you want some quiet ‘me time,’ an armchair is perfect for the corner of the bedroom, giving you a place to sit down and relax in your own private space. We have armchairs of various sizes and shapes, so you can tuck it away in a smaller space or let it stand out as a stately element to your bedroom suite. 

Even more options for luxurious lounging 

Bedroom armchairs are a favourite for stylish bedroom seating, but we also have all kinds of other chairs that you can choose for your bedroom or any room in the house. Sitting room recliner chairs, dining room chairs, and even outdoor garden furniture chairs are all available from Corcoran’s. And with all the other furniture and accessories to go with them, you’re sure to be able to kit out your space for effortless relaxation. 

Our team is here to help — so get in touch! 

Ring us on 064 669 112, send an email through our contact form, or visit our stores: however you choose to get in touch with us, we’re here to answer all your questions and help you find your perfect furnishings.

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