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Choosing the Best Coffee Table for Your Living Room

After your sofa, a coffee table is the most important piece of furniture in your living room. But how do you choose the best coffee table to suit your space? There are a number of factors to take into consideration, such as size, style, and shape. And with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the best coffee table for your home.

Luckily, our interior design experts have some great tips on finding your perfect coffee table, as well as some of our absolute favourite coffee tables to inspire your sitting room shopping.

The best coffee table size for your living room

The right size coffee table for your home will largely depend on the size of your sofa. The best coffee table height is one that is very close to the height of your sofa’s seat cushions — if not exact, then within a few centimetres. If you love a coffee table that’s a bit too short, you can always add height with a tray or other layered accessories, but make sure not to choose one that is too tall or you won’t be able to reach comfortably for magazines or cups of tea. 

For length, look for a coffee table that is approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. You’ll also want to make sure to consider the overall space of your living room, as you want to leave plenty of room to walk around. If your sofa has extending features like a recliner, make sure to keep these in mind when calculating the space you need to leave a walkway between your sofa and coffee table. 

We love the look of a coffee table on top of an area rug, so your final consideration when choosing the best coffee table is to consider how these size options complement each other. No matter what coffee table shape you prefer, it should sit in the centre of the rug, with space on each side to show off the pattern of the rug. 

The best coffee table shape for your sofa

A rectangle coffee table is a classic pick and one that goes well with most sofa shapes and styles. It’s easy to get the proportions right with a rectangle coffee table, and it can be easily reached no matter where on the sofa you’re sitting. That makes a rectangular option one of the all-around best coffee table picks for any living room. 

Square coffee tables tend to look small with traditional sofas, so try combining two matching tables side-by-side to create a rectangular shape. However, a square coffee table is a great option to pair with a modular sofa, as it will occupy the centre of the seating space. 

For smaller spaces and homes with children, oval or circular tables could be the best coffee table picks. Stylistically they’re not as imposing as rectangle or square alternatives, and a lack of sharp corners promises to prevent bumps and bruises for kids at play. 


Our favourite coffee tables

Inishmore Metal and Wood Coffee Table

A bestseller and a team favourite, the Inishmore coffee table features a handcrafted oak marquetry top that adds visual appeal to its industrial-inspired design. A classic rectangular shape makes it one of the best coffee table options for traditional and modern homes alike, as it will fit well with any decor style.

Original price was: €449.00.Current price is: €349.00.

In stock

Sorgeal Nesting Coffee Table Set

Another industrial-inspired pick, the Sorgeal is special as it is actually two tables that nest together, so you can place them separately or together and create the size and shape that best suits your sitting room. Plus for extra inspiration, check out our video on styling the Sorgeal three different ways!

Original price was: €999.00.Current price is: €799.00.

Our current lead time for this product is 2-4 weeks

Cambridge 2 Drawer Grey Wood Coffee Table

A simple and reliable classic, the Cambridge is one of the best coffee tables for clearing clutter in your living room. With two drawers and a lower shelf, you can stay organised with ease. And a classic grey painted finish and rectangular shape makes it easy to add this to any sitting room.

Original price was: €999.00.Current price is: €799.00.

Our current lead time for this product is 2-4 weeks

Howie Navy Coffee Table

If you want a timeless shape and style, but with a touch of on-trend appeal, the Howie is one of our best coffee tables to fit your needs. It features a simple rectangle design with tapered legs and two drawers, but gets a modern finish with a richly painted dark blue tone.

Original price was: €999.00.Current price is: €799.00.

Our current lead time for this product is 2-4 weeks

Darla Glass and Gold Coffee Table

A glass top coffee table is ideal for smaller sitting rooms, as the see-through styling lightens up the look of the piece. The Darla’s circular shape is also a good option for a compact space. This gorgeous coffee table brings instant glamour to your home with its shining finish and sleek lines.

Original price was: €999.00.Current price is: €799.00.

Our current lead time for this product is 2-4 weeks

Clarence Solid Wood Oval Coffee Table

Stately, solid wood construction and a versatile oval shape combine to make the Clarence one of our best coffee table options for a traditional living room. Featuring a beautifully carved pedestal base and a lovely light mahogany finish, the Clarence brings artistic detail to a classic look and works with many traditional sofas.


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Our team can help you choose the best coffee table for your home

If you fell in love with one of the coffee tables above, you can shop online now and make it yours today. Or explore all the other options we have online. If you haven’t quite found your dream coffee table, get in touch! Our furniture experts can help you find the perfect piece to suit your sitting room.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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