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Searching for the perfect big closet? Our selection of large wardrobes is designed to accommodate all your clothing and accessories.

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Searching for the perfect big closet? Our selection of large wardrobes is designed to accommodate all your clothing and accessories.

Whether you’re furnishing a master bedroom or need extra space in your guest room, our large wardrobes are perfect for every home.

Visit our showrooms in Kerry and Limerick to view our full collection of wardrobes or order online for delivery across Ireland, including Dublin and Cork.

Large Wardrobes for Every Need

  • Extra Large Wardrobes: For those who need maximum storage, our extra large wardrobes provide ample space for all your belongings, ensuring everything has its place.
  • Large Double and Triple Wardrobes: Choose from our large double wardrobes for efficient storage solutions or opt for large triple wardrobes for even more space, perfect for shared bedrooms.
  • Large Wardrobes with Drawers and Shelves: Keep your space organised with large wardrobes that include drawers and shelves, ideal for storing everything from clothing to shoes and accessories.
  • Wide Wardrobe Closets: Our wide wardrobes and large wardrobe closets offer plenty of room for hanging clothes, with additional shelves and drawers for folded items and accessories.

Styles and Finishes of our Big Closets

  • Large Wardrobe Closets with Mirrors: Enhance your bedroom’s functionality with big wardrobe closets that feature integrated mirrors, providing a practical and stylish solution.
  • Classic and Modern Designs: Whether you prefer a classic wooden finish or a sleek, modern design, our large wardrobes come in various styles to match your decor.

Affordable Large Wardrobes

Find budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality. Our cheap, large wardrobes provide excellent value and are perfect for any budget.


  • What sizes of large wardrobes do you offer? We offer a range of sizes, including extra large wardrobes, large double wardrobes, and large triple wardrobes, to suit any storage need.
  • Can I see the wardrobes in person? Yes, visit our showrooms in Kerry and Limerick to explore our collection of big closets.
  • Do you provide delivery across Ireland? Yes, we deliver to all areas in Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Kerry, and Limerick.
  • What features do large wardrobes include? Our large wardrobes come with various features, including drawers, shelves, and integrated mirrors for added convenience. Large sliding wardrobes are a popular choice.
  • Are there budget-friendly options available? Yes, we offer big wardrobes that provide excellent value for money.
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