Black Coffee Tables

Black Coffee Tables

For a piece of furniture that will fit seamlessly into any living room, black coffee tables are a great choice.

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For a piece of furniture that will fit seamlessly into any living room, black coffee tables are a great choice. They will be able to match whatever style you prefer, and they also offer many convenient features such as integrated storage. Made with top tier materials and catering to different tastes, Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets can supply black coffee tables nationwide.

A range of black coffee tables to consider

While they are famously neutral in hue, black coffee tables can still suit your specific tastes both in terms of materials and in the finishes used. This is appealing because it means that whether you have a more traditional living space or one that is up to date with contemporary trends, finding a table in this range should be a breeze.

Our line-up of black coffee tables includes:

Wooden coffee tables

Natural materials are always a popular choice for black coffee tables, and you can get painted wood tables or those finished in varnishes to show the grain, with a stain applied to create the desired dark colour.

Glass & metal coffee tables

Coffee tables that combine glass surfaces and shelving with black painted metal are a brilliant merging of industrial design and domestic practicality. Choose from a number of options here at Corcoran’s and get the coffee table of your dreams delivered to your doorstep.

As mentioned earlier, it is also worth noting that some coffee tables in this range feature integrated storage; this can take a number of forms. From simple shelves that let you stack remotes and magazines within easy reach to full-blown drawers and cupboards that keep clutter hidden from sight, you can take your pick of convenient storage design features.

Furniture for everyday living

Corcoran’s has so much more than coffee tables to offer customers. As our range includes dining tables, chairs and barstools, sofas and sofa beds, mattresses and wardrobes, sideboards and storage units, benches, garden furniture, flooring, and even fireplaces. Visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see all this and more for yourself up close and personal.

How to get in touch with us

If you want to chat with a furniture expert about your needs, please give Corcoran’s a call on 064 669 1112. You can also head over to our contact page where we have a form to fill out if you have a question.

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