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Blake Suede Cushion

Blake Suede Cushion

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  • Suede Sensation: Revel in the sumptuous embrace of the Blake cushion, with its suede-like caress that beckons a touch, a squeeze, a perfect lean.
  • Pinsonic Panache: Adorned with on-trend pinsonic details, Blake is no trend follower—it sets them, in vibrant yellow, blue, and green.
  • Huggable Hues: Available in a choice of colours to match your mood, the Blake is a chameleon of comfort, ready to brighten any corner.
  • Plush Polyester: Crafted from 100% polyester for a love affair that’s as durable as it is passionate.
  • Feathers of Fancy: Snuggle up! Each Blake is generously stuffed with a feather pad for that cloud-nine feeling.
  • Approximately Perfect: While its size might be a matter of estimation, the comfort of Blake is undeniably exact.
Number of variations: 3
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Blake Suede Cushion: A Touch of Texture

Introducing the Blake Suede Cushion, a tactile treasure that brings the allure of suede into the heart of your home. This cushion won't just offer a soft spot to land—it's a sanctuary of style, where comfort meets chic in an embrace you can sink into.

Touchable tranquillity

With its suede feel and cosy texture, the Blake cushion invites your senses to relax and unwind. Each touch is a brush with luxury, and each moment spent lounging is a step closer to bliss.

Vivid and versatile

Featuring pinsonic detailing that's as on-trend as it is elegant, the Blake Suede Cushion comes alive in a selection of vibrant colours. Whether you're brightening a room with sunny yellow, calming it with serene blue, or refreshing it with vibrant green, this cushion is a chameleon of charm.

Enduring elegance

The Blake is fashioned from 100% polyester, offering the enduring beauty of suede without the fuss, ensuring a long-lasting romance with your décor.

Feather-filled comfort

Nestled within the Blake is a plush feather pad, turning any seat into the best seat in the house.

A Measure of delight

Though the dimensions of the Blake are approximate, the guarantee of its comfort is anything but. This cushion promises to be an exact fit for your comfort cravings.

The Blake Suede Cushion is a piece of your home's personality and a statement of soft sophistication that's just as much about fashion as it is function.

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50×50 cm

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