Bringing personality and function to your space with bookcases 

Whether you are setting up a functional home office that inspires a productive atmosphere, or you are creating a decorative display of your trinkets in your living room, bookcases are a great addition to any room. Offering a perfect mix of practicality and style, bookcases are ideal for everything from showing off your favourite items to keeping paperwork organised. 

Did you know that how you set up your bookcases and what you use them for in your home can actually say a lot about your decor style, and also add a personal element to your space? Read on to learn more — and find out the best bookshelves to choose for your sitting room or home office. 

Give your collections a place to live on bookcases

Your bookshelves are a perfect place to showcase your beloved items, whether they are also used for more practical matters or they are simply a vehicle for decorative display. Every room in your home, even if it is mainly used for an everyday function such as your home office, should share a bit of your personality, and when you add a bookcase you can easily add a touch of your own style to a space. 

If you have a collection — of snowglobes, figurines, or any other item — then your bookcases are a perfect place to keep them organised easily in sight to admire. You might have to fill your bookshelves mainly with important items like files or documents, but even if this is the case there’s probably still room to set a few decorative pieces that will bring personal style to the room. 

Be a multitasker with a bookshelf that is also a desk

Some home offices are spacious enough to hold all the furniture you need to create a great work from home setup. Others need to share space with a guest bedroom, are confined to the corner of a living room, or are otherwise limited by the area you have to dedicate to work or study in your home. 

But if you don’t have ample room for every type of office furniture, never fear! You can let some of your options pull double-duty and set yourself up for multitasking success. A bookshelf desk is one of our favourite pieces of space-saving furniture, and it only takes looking at it to understand why. 

Designed to look like traditional open-back bookcases, but with a wider shelf at desk level that you can use to hold a laptop or computer, a bookshelf desk is ideal for compact productivity in a small but effective home office setup. 

Evoke a theme for your space with your bookcase setup 

There’s an obvious choice of item to store on your bookshelves: books. However, you can add a whole host of things to these versatile display units that will help to set the tone of your room. And each of the different things you might choose will not only say something about your personality, but also about your decorating aesthetic. 

If your home office is also your guest bedroom, you might want to adorn your bookcases with family photos or other sentimental objects to balance out the serious nature of a remote working setup. On the other hand, if your bookshelves are mainly filled with trinkets and tchotchkes, you might want to add in a few books that will lend your space a more refined feel. 

Because of the versatile nature of bookcases, the possibilities are endless for both practical use and for aesthetic display. You can pair both functional and decorative items on the same shelf, or utilise separate shelves for different purposes and yet create a cohesive, stylish look. 

Beautiful bookcases for the home office, living room, and more

Bookcases and bookshelves might have an obvious place in your work from home setup, but you can add these stylish and functional furniture items to any room of your home. Offering an appealing open display unit for both practical and decorative items, the right bookcases are an important element in any decor setup. 

Looking for the best bookcases to fit in effortlessly with your decor? Look no further than Corcoran’s Furniture. As part of our extensive range of furniture for the home office, living room, and more, we have a whole host of gorgeous bookshelves to suit all interior design styles and home furnishing budgets. 

Shop bookcases today, in store or online, and furnish a traditional or contemporary home with this incredibly versatile furniture option. Plus, shop our whole range of home office furniture on our website from the comfort of your couch, or call in store to one of our Kerry and Limerick showrooms to see it for yourself. Whether it’s for back-to-school or just time for a change, we’re ready to help you upgrade your work from home setup in style with our office collection.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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