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Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion

Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion

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  • 45 W x 15-20 D x 45 H cm
  • Scenic Splendour: Wrap your room in the wild with a cushion that’s a window to nature’s finest, complete with a lustrous, touch-me texture.
  • Artistic Allure: More than a mere cushion, the Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion is a slice of artistry, inviting your sofa to join the ranks of the Louvre.
  • Polyester Panache: With 100% polyester, this cushion brings the durability of the great outdoors right to your indoor living.
  • Irish Craftsmanship: Each Borneo cushion is handcrafted on the Emerald Isle, woven with the kind of skill that’s as rare as a tropical bird.
  • Approximate Dimensions, Precise Style: While its size might be ‘around about,’ the Borneo’s charm is unmistakably spot on.

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Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion: An Escape to Textured Tranquillity

Escape to a serene landscape with the Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion. This luxe cushion represents a tactile adventure, a piece of artistry designed to whisk you away to a tranquil corner of paradise with just one glance.

A canvas of comfort

Adorned with a luscious scene, the Borneo cushion paints your space with the strokes of nature's palette, textured to entice and designed to dazzle. It's where the art gallery meets the comfort of your living room.

Personality in plush

Each Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion is a bold statement, a functional piece of art that infuses your interiors with personality and style. It doesn't just complement your decor—it converses with it.

Durably delicate

Crafted entirely from polyester, this cushion echoes the enduring beauty of Borneo's landscapes, promising a resilience that's as steadfast as its artistic appeal.

Handcrafted heritage

Handcrafted with pride in Ireland, every Borneo Pink and Teal Nature cushion is a testament to time-honored skill, a piece of heritage that brings the craft of storytelling home.

The perfect 'approximation'

While the measurements are approximate, the impact is precise. The Borneo cushion defines a space, creating a focal point that's as engaging as it is elegant.

Indulge in the Borneo Pink and Teal Nature Cushion and let your home become a sanctuary of style, a haven where every cushion tells a story, and every rest is a journey.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 15-25 × 45 cm
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45×45 cm

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