Buying Home Decor and Accessorising Your Space

5 Tips for Buying Home Decor and Accessorising Your Space

Accessories are an often underrated element of interior design and home decorating. While there are certain parts of your home that are essential — furniture, flooring — in a way that accessories may not, your home decor details are key in creating the aesthetic or atmosphere of a room. You might not need a throw pillow the way you need the sofa you put it on, but the right accessories can finish a space in style. 

Read on for our guide to buying home decor and using accessories that will enhance your space and create your dream interior decorating look. 


Think about a theme

Buying home decor accessories is a lot of fun, so it may be tempting to load up your shopping trolley with everything that catches your eye. However, coming up with a theme or even just a vibe you want for a room is important so you can make the right selections. 

Even the most eclectic home interiors you see on Instagram or on interior design websites are actually carefully curated so that they look artistic rather than cluttered. This doesn’t mean you have to commit to a minimalist aesthetic, or that you can’t sneak in a piece you love even if it doesn’t fit the theme. 

However, giving some thought to the way you’d like the finished product to turn out means that you’ll be buying home decor you can be sure will look good together and really suit your intended space. 

Shop for a group

One of our favourite accessorising tips is to arrange items in groups. A single vase or figurine on a shelf, or a single small photo frame on a wall can make your space seem sad and empty, even in a minimalist setup. 

Instead, group accessories together to create continuity across your space. You can use any characteristic of your accessories, such as shape, colour, or style, to create a complementary group. Interior designers recommend grouping an odd number of objects, and creating a group of varying heights, in order to achieve maximum visual impact. 

While you can group accessories directly on a coffee table, console table, or shelf, you may also want to place your groups of accessories on a decorative tray for an extra cohesive and visually appealing look. 

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Start with a blank slate 

If you’re moving into your first home, you’ll be starting from scratch with buying home decor and you’ll inevitably be working with a blank canvas. However, if you’re looking to give your existing space a full refresh, a good thing to do is remove the current set of accessories that adorns it. 

When you already have accessories in a space, especially if they’re statement-making pieces like large, decorative lighting, it can be difficult to picture a new look for a room. Clear out all of the furnishings to help you avoid distractions and visualise the new decoration of your space. 

This also means that if you want to rearrange your larger furniture to suit the new setup — such as changing the position of your living room seating to showcase a new piece of wall art — there won’t be smaller accessories in the way. 

Store accessories for later  

Have you ever pulled a hat or scarf out of your closet that you haven’t worn in years, but suddenly you love it just as much as when you first wore it? 

Just as with clothing accessories, you might revisit home decor accessories you’ve grown tired of and realise you love them once again. By investing in storage for your older accessories, you can come back to them in the future and reintroduce them when you’re looking for a change. You can go simple with plastic storage bins or opt for an entire accessories wardrobe

Plus, some accessories are seasonal, so you won’t want them on display all the time no matter how much you love them.

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Shift home decor from room to room

To keep on with the clothing analogies, have you ever added a belt or a necklace to an outfit and completely changed the vibe of your look? You can give old accessories a new lease on life by moving them somewhere new or arranging them in a new way. 

If you’re bored of looking at a piece of wall art above your dining table, try moving it to the sitting room. Tired of the throw that’s draped across your sofa? Swap it with the one on your bed for a new look.

When you’re buying home decor, think about pieces that will look great across different rooms, and you can take advantage of their versatility to create endless configurations of decorating setups. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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