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Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion

Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion

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  • Velvet Verdure: The Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion, with its luxurious velvet and textured tropical leaves, turns your settee into a lush retreat.
  • Colour Me Chic: Available in pink to let your sofa bloom with personality and pizzazz.
  • Art You Can Lean On: More than a cushion, the Cali is a functional masterpiece, transforming your couch into a gallery bench.
  • Sumptuous Blend: Crafted with 21% polyester and 79% viscose, this cushion is as much about touch as it is about sight.
  • Feather-Soft Fluff: Nestled within is a feather pad, turning your chair into a cloud with a view.
  • ‘Approximately’ Awesome: While the dimensions are approximate, the comfort and style are boldly certain.
Number of variations: 3
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Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion: Where Comfort Blossoms

Introducing the Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion, a luxurious escape to the tropics, minus the airfare. This gorgeous velvet cushion is your first-class ticket to an oasis of style, where every lean is a journey into plush paradise.

Touchable tropics

With a velvet canvas etched in textured tropical leaf patterns, the Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion invites your senses to a tactile tango. It's a jungle out there, but in here, it's pure velvety bliss.

Sitting on style

The Cali doesn't just sit idly by; it speaks volumes of your flair for the exotic and the artistic. It's no ordinary cushion; it's a conversation starter, a statement piece, and a functional piece of art.

Fabric fit for royalty

Crafted from a sumptuous mix of 21% polyester and 79% viscose, the Cali is royally appointed to ensure the softest of encounters for your skin and the easiest of cares for your peace of mind.

Cloud-like caress

Each Cali cushion harbours a feather pad, promising a pillowy embrace that cradles you in comfort and whispers sweet nothings of relaxation.

Approximately perfect

The dimensions of the Cali are approximate, but there's nothing uncertain about the precise pleasure it brings to your abode.

The Cali Exotic Floral Velvet Cushion is the essence of comfort blooming in your home, a lush addition that invites you to sit back, relax, and sink into a soft bed of luxury.

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