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Cara Mohair Wool Cushion

Cara Mohair Wool Cushion

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  • Softness Squared: With its luxuriously soft mohair wool composition, the Cara cushion is like a cloud you can touch—ultimate comfort, no sky required.
  • Cosy Charm Catalyst: Perfect for snuggling sessions on sofas or dreaming deep in bed, Cara is your cosy atmosphere alchemist.
  • Hued in Harmony: Choose between verdant green and white or rust and white—Cara’s colours don’t just pop, they sing.
  • Chilly Chic: Consider the Caara Mohair Wool cushion as your cool-weather pass to opulence, adding a stroke of plush to your home tapestry.
  • Fabulous Fibres: With a blend of 10% wool, 25% polyester, and 65% acrylic, Cara is the textile trifecta of your decor dreams.
  • Feathery Embrace: Encasing a feather pad, each Cara cushion is a soft haven in a world of hard chairs.
  • Approximately Amazing: While the size may be approximated, the comfort is precise, a perfect equation of elegance and ease.
Number of variations: 2
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Cara Mohair Wool Cushion: The Essence of Snug Elegance

Introducing the Cara Mohair Wool Cushion, the epitome of comfort cloaked in the luxury of mohair wool. This cushion is a soft whisper of opulence, ready to transform any nook into a cradle of cosiness.

Snuggle-worthy softness

The Cara Mohair Wool Cushion brings the gentle caress of mohair to your fingertips, offering a comfort so divine that it's like a warm hug on a cool evening.

Charmingly cosy

Whether it's the final flourish on your sofa, the crowning jewel of your armchair, or the soft sentinel of your slumber, Cara creates an atmosphere so cosy that it rivals your favourite jumper.

Colourful choices

Adorned in hues of verdant green and white or rust and white, the Cara Mohair Wool Cushion accentuates and enlivens your decor.

Luxury in the air

With Cara, every day feels like a walk through an autumnal forest or a leisurely lounge in a rustic cabin. It's a touch of cool-weather luxury that elevates your home decor from mundane to magical.

A trio of textures

Crafted from a harmonious blend of Mohair wool, polyester, and acrylic, this cushion is a testament to tactile beauty, promising durability interwoven with softness.

Feather-soft filling

The Cara Mohair Wool Cushion is generously filled with a feather pad, offering a plush pillow that beckons you to lean back and let out a contented sigh.

Approximate perfection

While the measurements might be approximate, the satisfaction Cara brings is anything but. The Cara Cushion is a full, rounded experience of comfort and class.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of the Cara Mohair Wool Cushion, where every touch is a treasure and every moment of relaxation is a luxury.

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45×45 cm

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