Ceramic Vases – Personalised & Unique Vases to Choose From

A home filled with flowers is always welcoming, and there are ways to further enhance the look of your blooms and express your personal style when you choose ceramic vases from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. We have ceramic vases of different shapes and sizes to browse and buy online or to see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Select ceramic vases from our broad range

Ceramic vases have been around for centuries, and so it should be no surprise to see that there are all sorts of designs available at Corcoran’s, such as:

Two tone ceramic vases

Offering a contemporary look that is nevertheless inspired by traditional vases, two tone examples are endowed with gorgeous colour combinations that will look perfect in modern spaces as well as in more classic interior contexts as well.

Large & small ceramic vases

Whether you want vases that are big enough to fit an entire bouquet, or small enough for a single flower, Corcoran’s has got you covered. Naturally, there are lots of other choices to consider, whether you want a vase in a particular shape or design or even one that is entirely unique due to its artisanal origins and production methods involved.

Decorative ceramic vases

While some ceramic vases can be subtle in their styling and predominantly practical in their purpose, others are ornamental talking pieces in their own rights. Even when they are not filled with flowers you will want to leave them on display. Corcoran’s has a wide choice of ornate vases, drawing from contemporary as well as vintage design sensibilities to give you as much choice as possible to suit your own personal tastes.

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Get advice on vases from our experts

A chat with a Corcoran’s team member can help you overcome whatever interior design conundrums you are faced with, so call on 064 669 1112 or email us today with any questions you have to receive advice and guidance from a friendly specialist.