Chair Beds

Chair Beds

Chair beds are an ideal addition to spare rooms and spaces where a full-sized sofa bed would be too big.

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Chair beds are an ideal addition to spare rooms and spaces where a full-sized sofa bed would be too big. With a 1 seater chair bed, you can provide a place for guests to sleep comfortably, while also having a fully functional armchair for daytime use. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has chair beds aplenty to browse right here.

Choose between stylish and practical chair beds

There are lots of different armchair bed options to order online or see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick, such as:

Fabric single seat beds

Cool, colourful, and built to last, a single couch bed upholstered in fabric will look the part in any room, whether you are aiming for modern decor or you prefer something a little more traditional in terms of design.

Leather armchair bed

Leather is the material of preference for plenty of people, and you can encounter luxuriously comfortable examples here at Corcoran’s that you will want to sink into—whether set up as a chair or configured as a bed.

There are plenty of different chair beds to weigh up on our website, and they really do make a great feature for your living room, or perhaps as an option for the kids’ bedrooms that can easily be set up when sleepovers are on the cards.

Quality and durability are at the top of the agenda with all of our chair beds, and we also provide competitive prices across the range to ensure our customers get good value for money. Corcoran’s can deliver chair beds to our customers throughout Ireland, so buying the latest and greatest single seater sofa beds has never been simpler.

Explore our other products

Whether you want a full-sized two or three seater sofa bed, or you need anything from a new dining table to a bed, mattress, dresser, or sideboard, Corcoran’s can supply well-made products to meet your requirements. We also provide flooring, bathroom tiles, fireplaces, stoves, and other accessories for home renovations, all at competitive prices.

Contact Corcoran’s if you have a query

Corcoran’s can assist you with any furniture-related question you might have, so give our friendly team a call on 064 669 1112 for a chat today, or send your queries to us via email using the form on our website whenever you like.

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