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The best children’s bedroom storage for your home

We’re sure you’re excited for celebrating Christmas with the kiddos, but one thing you may not be looking forward to is tripping over toys on the floor or trying to convince the little ones to tidy up. Whether you’re trying to keep things organised during and after the holidays or you’re giving the kids a new year’s resolution to clean their rooms, staying neat and tidy doesn’t have to be a headache! With the right children’s bedroom storage options, you can even make it fun for kids to look after their belongings and keep your floors clean. 

Read on for our top tips for children’s bedroom storage and easy toy organisation throughout the house. 

Choose children’s bedroom storage that can grow with them

There are so many options for children’s bedroom storage when it comes to every aspect from size to material. That said, the classics are classic for a reason! A timeless design like a wooden blanket box offers a kid-friendly height where they can put their toys away, and it will never go out of style or lose its sturdiness. Plus, as they get older, you can use the blanket box to organise spare bedding and other belongings, not just their playthings. 

Similarly, a classic bookshelf could make for a perfect combination organisation and display piece for children’s bedroom storage. If there are keepsakes you want to display in your child’s room but that might be too fragile for little hands, you can place them on the higher shelf and keep softer toys within easy reach below. Add some books to encourage a love of reading from an early age and you’ve got a perfect multifunctional storage piece. 

Add some personality but keep it versatile

While timeless bedroom furniture and decor is important, it’s also important to let your children’s bedroom storage pieces match their budding design sensibilities. Kids have strong opinions, and choosing pieces they like will help ensure that the storage solutions you add to their rooms actually see some use. 

Wood is a good material for children’s bedroom storage. Not only is it hard-wearing and durable, but a natural wood finish fits effortlessly into almost any decor aesthetic. Plus, if you opt for a piece with a painted finish, you can always repaint it in time to match a different colour palette. 

Plastic storage pieces are another direction you could go for children’s bedroom storage that is easily changeable to match their changing interests. Sturdy yet budget friendly, they are not as big an investment to replace, so you can update them more frequently to suit your child’s preferences. 

Think about portability for clean-up ease

When there are toys strewn all over the house, it may feel unlikely that you’ll ever convince the kids to corral everything back to one, organised spot. So instead, take the organised spot to them with movable storage solutions that will go where the mess is. Rather than heavy, fixed furniture pieces, opt for lightweight baskets and storage bins that you or your children can carry around to gather up toys and then put them back into place. 

Choosing portable solutions doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style and resorting to bland and boring boxes, either. There are plenty of lovely options such as wicker baskets that are kid-friendly, functional, and chic. You could even choose a dresser or bookshelf with removable baskets rather than traditional drawers, so you can collect whatever you’re putting away and then tuck it back neatly where it belongs. 

Don’t forget about storage for the essentials

Obviously toy clean-up is a key element of keeping kids and their belongings organised, but there are other items you’ll want to store securely in their rooms as well. Children’s bedroom storage for clothing, schoolbooks, and more are equally as important as looking after trinkets and toys.

For kids’ clothing, a wardrobe in the same style as you’d choose for your own bedroom will ensure they have enough space to keep all clothes from school uniforms to casualwear to sporting gear, but you may want to consider a configuration with bottom drawers or a lower hanging rail to keep it accessible. 

Many kids’ bedrooms double as their study and homework area, so your children’s bedroom storage should reflect this as well. But you don’t want things to be too cramped and cluttered for them, so consider multipurpose furniture that will help to maximise space while minimising the overall footprint of their furniture.

A bed with an integrated desk, or a lofted design that leaves space underneath, can let them use their room for every facet of their life, without things getting over-crowded or uncomfortable. Plus a lot of these loft-style designs are on-trend with older kids as well so you can guaranteed to get the most use out of your child’s bed throughout the years.

Find the best children’s bedroom storage and more at Corcoran’s

There’s no better way to start the new year off right with a clean and tidy home, and a promise from your kids that they’ll help to keep it that way. And the process is easy with the right children’s bedroom storage. 

At Corcoran’s, we have a full range of options for organisation, decluttering, and more. Shop kids’ furniture online now, visit us in store, or talk to our team to find everything you need and create a new routine for the new year. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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