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Chloe Vegan Leather Cushion

Chloe Vegan Leather Cushion

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  • Touchable Texture: The Chloe cushion boasts a soft, natural texture that beckons your touch—go on, give in to the tactile temptation.
  • Kaleidoscope of Colours: From the cool calm of blue to the zesty zeal of orange, choose your hue to infuse your room with a splash of style.
  • Vegan Virtue: Luxuriously soft vegan leather offers the plush feel of the real deal, sans guilt. It’s cruelty-free cosiness for the conscious consumer.
  • Irish Artisanal Allure: Each cushion is a handcrafted homage to Irish artistry, where attention to detail and quality go hand in hand (or seam in stitch).
  • Polyester Perfection: Crafted with 100% Polyester for a love affair that lasts longer than most romances.
  • Feathered Fill: Encased in a cloud of feathers, this cushion delivers a firm yet forgiving embrace to weary heads.
  • Guesstimated Geometry: Approximate dimensions mean this cushion fits almost anywhere, like a charming chameleon of comfort.
Number of variations: 5
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Chloe Leather Cushion: A Symphony of Softness and Style

Step into a world where texture and tranquillity meet with the Chloe Vegan Leather Cushion. The luxe vegan leather cushion is far more than a prop for your prop-ups; it's a slice of tactile heaven, lovingly handcrafted to grace your home with a touch of ethical luxury.

Tactile rhapsody in a vegan leather cushion

The Chloe Cushion is a sensory sonnet written in the language of vegan leather and interpreted by your delighted digits.

Colour carnival

Choose from an ensemble of vibrant shades: blue serenity, green harmony, yellow mirth, and orange vivacity. Each Chloe Vegan Leather Cushion is a pigment of your imagination that comes to life.

Cruelty-free caress

Fashioned from the finest vegan leather, this cushion offers indulgence without indignation, combining comfort with a clear conscience.

Craftsmanship with a conscience

Handcrafted in the lush landscapes of Ireland, every Chloe cushion is a testament to the tenacity of traditional techniques and tender, loving care.

The pinnacle of polyester

Fashioned from 100% polyester, the Chloe Vegan Leather Cushion is as enduring as it is enticing—a lasting liaison of form and function.

Feathery Foundation

Nestled within is a feather pad that whispers sweet nothings of support to your slumbering silhouette.

Approximate, Yet Absolute

The dimensions might be a smidgen undefined, but the comfort? Oh, the comfort is as concrete as your contentment.

In the realm of relaxation, the Chloe Vegan Leather Cushion reigns supreme, inviting you to a land where softness and sophistication sit side by side and every lean is a leap into luxury.

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43×43 cm

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