Click Clack Sofa Beds

When you’re tired and ready to sleep, the last thing you want is to have to convert a sofa into a bed using a complicated series of straps and levers. Luckily, with sofa beds from Corcoran’s, swapping out your seating for sleeping space (and vice versa) is a snap. Click clack sofa beds are an ultra-convenient option for giving your furniture multifunctional appeal. As the main seating in your sitting room that can offer an extra space to sleep as needed, or as a dual-purpose piece of furniture in a home office or playroom that converts to a guest bedroom, click clack sofa beds are the best option for day-to-night appeal. 

Convenient click clack fold down sofa beds

How do click clack sofa beds work? When you’re ready to convert your sofa into a sleeper, simply push down on the headrest until it lies flat and level with the seat, therefore turning compact seating into a spacious bed. You can then top it with your favourite bedding, cushions, and throws for cosy nighttime comfort. In the morning, switch it back into a sofa with ease and enjoy comfortable seating throughout the waking hours. 

Click clack sofa beds aren’t short on style

Many people think of sofa beds as solely functional — pieces of furniture that are only chosen for their multifunctional use, rather than for their attractiveness. But our click clack sofa beds are as pretty as they are practical, with designs you’ll want to show off in your sitting room or guest bedroom, not just kept tucked away into a corner. 

All types of sleeping solutions at Corcoran’s 

Once you’ve chosen the click clack sofa bed that will see you through daytime seating and nighttime sleeping, you can shop other sleeping options on our site or at our Kerry and Limerick stores as well. Find beautiful beds, kid-friendly bunk beds, and an array of other bedroom furniture, all at competitive pricing and made from top-quality materials by the best manufacturers in Ireland and abroad. We also have furniture, flooring, and more for the living room, dining area, and even the garden, so you can outfit your entire home in style. 

Our team can help you find your perfect sofa bed

Whether you’re kitting out a spare room or searching for a sofa bed that will be your main seating or sleeping solution, our furniture experts can help you choose the perfect pieces for your home. Just give us a ring on 064 669 112 or send us an email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!