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Coco Textured Cream and Black Cushion

Coco Textured Cream and Black Cushion

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  • Touchable Textures: Dive hands-first into the sumptuous softness of the Cora’s texture; it’s like a standing ovation at your fingertips.
  • Colour Couture: A contemporary blend of cream and black, this cushion brings a dash of catwalk chic to your chaise lounge.
  • Elegance Unleashed: Sleek by design, this cushion adds a silent aria of luxury to any room, making comfort the new black.
  • Polyester Panache: Crafted from 100% polyester, because your home deserves the durability of a knight in shining armour, minus the clinking.
  • Feathered Fluff: With a feather pad so plush, each lean-back is a foray into the land of lavish laziness.
  • Approximate Amplitude: While the size might be a smidgeon shy of specific, the style and substance are splendidly sizable.
Number of variations: 2
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Cora Textured Cream and Black Cushion: A Tale of Texture and Temptation

Step into a realm where comfort clasps hands with chic, and say hello to the Cora Textured Cream and Black Cushion. This textured cushion is a charmer—a whisper of elegance with a cheeky wink—ready to dress your sofa to the nines.

Decadence in a cream and black cushion design

The Cora Cream and Black Cushion flaunts a luxurious, soft boucle texture that begs for a touch, perhaps a squeeze, or an all-out cuddle. Its cream and black hues tell a timeless tale, spinning a yarn of sophistication with every thread.

Palette of posh

Dressed in a contemporary cream and black colour palette, this cushion elevates your decor. It's like the little black dress for your lounge: essential, stylish, and versatile.

Silhouette of style

With a sleek design that whispers luxury, the Cora Textured Cream and Black cushion doesn't shout for attention; it commands it with a subtle glance. It's the Sean Connery of cushions—a classic embodiment of suave.

The fabric of dreams

Woven from 100% polyester, it's as durable as it is desirable. This cushion will see you through many a series binge, a book chapter, and an impromptu nap.

Feathers of fluffiness

Nestled within is a feather pad so sumptuous, you might just float away on a cloud of comfort—or at least dream you have.

A measure of mystery

Though the exact dimensions are a tad elusive, the splendour it brings to the room is crystal clear and undeniably measureless.

The Cushion Conclusion

The Cora Textured Cream and Black Cushion is not just a place to rest your head; it's a throne for your cheek, a luxury for your lounging, a masterpiece of homely haute couture.

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