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Cooper Brown Abstract Cushion

Cooper Brown Abstract Cushion

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  • Dimensions of Delight: At 43 W x 15-20 D x 43 H cm, the Cooper is the perfect companion for any nook craving a dash of flair
  • Geometric Genius: Eclectic geometric patterns play across the Cooper, offering a modern twist to the term ‘throw pillow’—it’s  a throwback to the future of design!
  • Textural Tapestry: This cushion isn’t just a soft spot to land; it’s a three-dimensional adventure for your sofa, layering your lounging with dynamic depth.
  • Colour and Craft: A marriage of on-trend hues and artistic expression, the Cooper is the fashionista of cushions, always dressed to impress.
  • Material Medley: With 74% polyester and 16% recycled cotton, it’s as much about conscious comfort as it is about style sustainability.
  • Irish Ingenuity: Handcrafted in Ireland, the Cooper cushion is a piece of plush, artisanal treasure, each stitch a testament to tradition and quality.

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Cooper Brown Abstract Cushion: A Masterstroke in Comfort and Style

Elevate your home’s comfort canvas with the Cooper Brown Abstract Cushion. This geometrical wonder is a piece of modern art that doesn’t hang on your wall but adorns your favourite chair.

Shape-shifting splendour

Featuring a playful array of geometric patterns, the Cooper cushion is the very definition of a modern muse. It’s the kind of design that doesn’t just complement your décor; it converses with it.

texture, tailored

Designed to infuse texture into your space, the Cooper isn't one to just sit there; it sings a saga of touch-me textures, contributing to a layered, dynamic interior that whispers tales of comfort and style.

A palette of pizzazz in a brown abstract cushion

Combining on-trend colours with artistic flair, this cushion is a fashionable statement piece that doesn’t follow trends – it sets them.

Fabric fusion

Made from a blend of 74% Polyester and 16% Recycled Cotton, it’s the sartorial selection for the environmentally conscious comfort-seeker.

Handcrafted heritage

Each Cooper cushion is handcrafted in the heart of Ireland, woven with the kind of craft and care that’s as rare as it is revered.

A note on notions

While the measurements may be approximate, the awe that the Cooper Brown Abstract Cushion inspires is nothing short of exact.

Recline in style and let the Cooper cushion turn your couch into a gallery of tactile triumph and visual verve.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 15-25 × 43 cm
Item type

Colour family







43×43 cm

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