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Cora Boucle Cushion

Cora Boucle Cushion

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  • Trio of Tones: Available in beige, black, and orange, it’s like choosing the perfect outfit for your sofa—each colour is a statement in style.
  • Eco-Chic Comfort: Boasting a wool-like appearance, this cushion is not just a treat to the eyes but a tribute to Mother Nature, crafted from recycled fabric.
  • Irish Artistry: Handcrafted in Ireland, each cushion is a testament to skilled hands and heartfelt dedication.
  • Plush Polyester: Made with 100% polyester, it combines a luxurious feel with enduring quality, proving that comfort can last.
  • Feathery Embrace: Filled with a feather pad, this cushion offers a soft, cloud-like comfort, making every sit-down a plush affair.
  • Measure for Measure: While the dimensions are approximated, the comfort and style it brings are precise and plentiful.
Number of variations: 5
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Cora Boucle Cushion: Where Cosiness Meets Cheeky Charm

Introducing the Cora Boucle Cushion, a blend of cheeky charisma and sumptuous softness that will have your sofa begging for an upgrade. Consider this boucle cushion a statement of style, a wink to eco-friendliness, and a high-five to comfort.

A palette of personality

Choose from beige, black, or orange—each colour is a character in the play of your interior design. Whether you fancy a neutral nuzzle or a vibrant vivacity, there's a hue to match your room's mood.

Eco-elegance in a boucle cushion

Crafted from recycled fabric, this cushion doesn't just sit pretty as a picture; it stands proud as a testament to sustainable luxury. With its wool-like appearance and self-piped edges, it's a green dream in a world of throwaway culture.

Handcrafted in the heart of Ireland

Each Cora Boucle Cushion is lovingly handcrafted in Ireland, ensuring that every stitch is a story of craftsmanship and care. It's not merely made; it's mastered.

Polyester cushion with panache

Made of 100% polyester, this cushion combines enduring durability with a touch so tantalising that you might just find yourself hosting more movie nights just to show it off.

Feathers of fancy

Filled with a feather pad, this cushion is so plush, you'll think you're hugging a cloud. It's the kind of comfort that whispers, "Go on, take a seat. You deserve it."

Approximately awesome

While the measurements may be approximated, the wow factor is precisely calculated. This cushion does far more than simply occupy space; it owns it.

The final flourish

Let the Cora Boucle Cushion play a memorable character in your home's story, a burst of Bouclé brilliance waiting to add that special twinkle to your décor.

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