Couch L Shape

Does a couch L shape make sense for your living room? If you have an underused corner area, investing in an L shape sofa is definitely sensible, and you can find options galore here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. We have L shaped couches for sale on our site that you can order for home delivery across Ireland right now.

Introducing your L shape sofa options

Corcoran’s has a delightful and diverse line up of couch L shape products to consider, including:

Fabric L shape sofa options

From cool and contemporary to bright and colourful, our couch L shape catalogue is packed with compelling fabric-upholstered examples that should match whatever decor you have at home, as well as being super comfortable and reliably practical as well.

Leather L shaped couches for sale

Choose between genuine and faux leather upholstery for your couch L shape and also select the tone, ranging in hues and from light to dark, that is suited to your personal tastes.

Couch L shape features of note

There are a lot of cool extras and integrated abilities that the L shape sofa range brings to the table. These including functionality like built-in reclining mechanisms so that they can offer even more comfort to seated occupants. In addition, drinks holders and even matching footstools are other popular options.

Size variety is also second to none, as we have both compact examples and significantly larger units. Whether you just need a space for you and your closest family to kick back, or you want a sizable corner sofa that is ideal for movie nights with the whole clan, Corcoran’s has got you covered.

So much more furniture to discover

Whether you need a new chair and desk for your home office setup or you want outdoor furniture to host garden parties in the summer, we have great products for every room and requirement. Find beds, sideboards, dressers, wardrobes, flooring, and accessories on our site, or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see more.

Speak to Corcoran’s if you have any questions

Our team is here to help out if you are not sure of a couch to order, or you want more product information. Please give us a ring on 064 669 1112 or email us right now and we will discuss your options.