Cream Chest of Drawers

For many bedrooms it makes sense to opt for a cream chest of drawers: neutral enough to fit in with the decor unobtrusively, while still being sturdy and stylish in equal measure. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a variety of cream chest of drawers to consider, and you can order online for home delivery across the whole country.

Got a craving for a cream chest of drawers?

You have certainly come to the right place to find high quality, competitively priced chests of drawers that have a creamy colour palette, whether veering more towards the milky-white end of the spectrum or sitting comfortably in the rich yellows of double cream and buttercups.

Aside from the wide choice of creamy tones in this range, you also have a lot of variety when it comes to size, style, and design. From compact and space-saving to large and practical, we have plenty of options to consider, such as:

Single width drawer chests

Made with woods such as oak and pine, our smallest chests of drawers are made to fit in rooms where there is not much space available, perhaps even doubling up as a bedside table. This also includes tall and narrow examples that are still spacious and will not force you to compromise on interior storage.

Double & triple drawer sets

Similarly well-made to their more compact counterparts, and coming in both traditional and modern styles, you can invest in cream-coloured chests of drawers that have two or even three rows of drawers onboard. Built to last and letting you keep an entire home’s worth of clothing neatly organised; these larger units are great for keeping clutter out of the way in the bedroom.

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