Custom Furniture Made to Order for Your Home

When you’re designing your dream home, you need your dream furniture to go with it. Maybe you’ve found a suite that almost fits the bill, but the colour, the stitching, the feet — something is just not quite right. Now imagine you can customise that almost-perfect suite and turn it into exactly what you’re looking for, down to the last detail, and have it made to order just for you.

What does this mean? Not only can you choose a sofa that suits your preferences in terms of shape and type, but you have a whole array of options that can help it match your decor and create a coordinated look across your space.

Customisable furniture designed with you in mind

We have a range of suite and sofa options that are made to order with a whole host of elements that can be customised to suit your home decor dreams. Choose details including elements ranging from the main upholstery fabric to the number of scatter cushions, from the type of cushion back (e.g. pillow back or standard) to the finish of the feet.

What can you expect from your made to order furniture aside from the customisable details? Like all the rest of our collection, our custom pieces are created by top manufacturers in Ireland and abroad, selected for their quality and craftsmanship.

Our team will help you create your dream made to order furniture

The images you see are only the beginning; if you see something you like, you can then go on to select a wide variety of alterations and then have your piece made for you by our top manufacturers, creating a high-quality, customised piece that you can enjoy for years to come. Due to the custom design, these pieces may take a bit longer to reach your door, but we promise they’re worth the wait.

Once you see a sofa style you like, get in touch with our team through the special enquiry form on each page. Our team will arrange a personalised shopping experience and tell you about all the details you can choose and customise. Hop on a call or enjoy a video chat where you can see swatch books, configurations, and more!

With expert advice and a friendly attitude, our team will help you create your dream suite, and then it will be made to order, to match your specifications. And if you have any questions about the process or your options, get in touch to learn more! The sofa of your dreams can be yours.