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Rules and Tips for Decorating with Large Mirrors

Floor length mirrors are a common addition to bedrooms, either as freestanding options or attached to the door of your wardrobe. A full length mirror in your bedroom allows you to choose and check your outfit before you leave your house for the day. 

Outside of your bedroom, you might opt for a smaller mirror hanging above a console table in your hallway or alongside some wall art in your living room. You may think that full length mirrors are best suited for your bedroom setup. However, we believe that large mirrors can actually be a great addition to any room of your home. 

Read on for our top tips and advice for decorating with large mirrors throughout your home.

Use large mirrors to see you off and welcome you home

If your house has a foyer or hall entryway, you have the perfect setting for your extra large mirrors. A full length mirror at the end of the hallway offers both practical and aesthetic appeal for the space. 

With a large mirror in your entryway, you can take a last quick look at yourself before you leave the house. Make sure your ensemble is perfect from head to toe, and start the day in style with the help of large mirrors in your hallway. 

Adding a large mirror to your foyer also brings a stylish element to your decor. We all know that mirrors are a great way to make a small space seem larger, and are perfect for catching the light and brightening up a room. You can use any size mirror to achieve this, but an extra large mirror is particularly good for creating the illusion of extra space. Choose a floor length mirror that will reflect the entirety of the hallway and create a bright and inviting way to see in visitors and welcome you home at the end of the day. 

Double your ‘windows’ with large mirrors on walls

There are a number of appealing ways to use large mirrors to create optical illusions in your home. Use a mirror as the base of a decorative display on your coffee table to add instant glamour to the arrangement, or situate a mirror opposite an accent wall to offer the illusion of wall art by reflecting patterned wallpaper or brightly coloured paint. 

However, one of our favourite ways to bring striking visuals to a room with mirrors is to use them to reflect your windows. Natural light is the best addition to any room’s atmosphere, and when you position a mirror directly across from a window, you make the most of the natural light by reflecting it across your space. 

Place your mirrors where the light from your windows naturally falls, and choose large mirrors that will capture the entire reflection of the window. You can even find mirrors that are separated into panels that evoke the look of window panes and enhance the look even further in your home. 

Lean full length mirrors for a laid-back yet stylish look

When you are shopping for large mirrors, there are a number of options to consider in terms of display and mounting. In your bedroom, you might choose a wall-mounted mirror or one that attaches to the door of your wardrobe. There are also cheval mirrors that have their own built-in stand to hold them in place. 

We love the relaxed look of a freestanding full length mirror in your living room or hallway. When you lean large mirrors against your walls rather than mounting them, you get that same reflective surface and chic style, but with a more laid-back feel. Plus, this option offers versatility because you can move the mirror easily when you want to rearrange your space. 

When you lean a full length mirror, you also create the perfect angle to reflect your ceiling lights. Because the mirror will be tilted slightly upward, it can catch the light with ease and brighten up your room. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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