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Desire Divan Bed Base with Drawers by Respa


Desire Divan Bed Base with Drawers by Respa


  • Please contact us if you wish to order a 3 drawer configuration
  • Please note, once you will place your order, our customer service will get in touch with you to confirm the position of the drawer/drawers for your divan base
  • Max number of drawers for 3ft base is 2
Number of variations: 96

Desire Divan Bed Base with Drawers: Where Dreams Meet Design

Presenting the Desire Divan Bed Base with Drawers, the brainchild of Irish bed connoisseurs, Respa. More than your typical bed base—the Desire Divan Bed Base is the intersection of sleep and style, a cosy cove that's as dreamy as it is durable.

Scandinavian timbers: The Nordics know best

Respa went all the way to the frosty forests of Scandinavia to bring you timbers that are as robust as they are responsibly sourced. Resting on silver glide feet, this divan base can glide across the floor with the grace of a ballerina.

From double to king: One size doesn't have to fit all

We get it. You're unique. That's why our Desire Divan Bed Base is available in all major bed sizes. Upholstered in a fabric that's softer than a whisper, it comes in an array of colours to match your bedroom aesthetics. For those with a taste for the finer things, we offer premium fabric options because luxury shouldn't be a luxury.

Upgrades galore: For when good just isn't enough

Handcrafted piping detail for that extra flair, a reinforced frame for longevity—yes, Respa thought of it all. For more on these fancy features, get in touch with our stores. We're always up for a chat!

Bedroom storage: Because clutter is so last season

This divan base isn't just a pretty face—it's also a handy storage solution. Choose from one to four drawer options to keep your bedroom as neat as a pin. For the elusive three-drawer option, give us a ring and we'll set you up.

Styling your sleep space

Team the Desire Divan Bed Base with Drawers with one of our Respa headboards to transform your bed into a style statement. Now, isn't that the stuff dreams are made of?

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Light Brown, Burgundy, Granite, Grey, Cream, Steel, Rose

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